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Christopher Hart (novelist)

Christopher William Napier Hart (born 1965) is an English novelist and journalist. He writes for the Sunday Times the Daily Mail and The Literary Review. He is the author of The Harvest (1999) and Rescue Me (2001), and has written seven historical novels under his two middle names, William Napier.

Christopher Hart
Pen nameWilliam Napier
GenreContemporary, Historical fiction



As Christopher HartEdit

As William NapierEdit

  • Julia: An Epic Tale of Love And War Set in the Final Days of the Roman Empire (2001)
  • Attila (Attila: The Scourge of God) (2005)
  • Attila: The Gathering of the Storm (2007)
  • Attila: The Judgement (2008)
  • Clash of Empires: The Great Siege (2011) ISBN 1409105342; ISBN 9781409105343
  • Clash of Empires: The Red Sea (5 July 2012)
  • The Last Crusaders: Ivan the Terrible (2014) ISBN 1409105377


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