Christianus Cornelius Uhlenbeck

Christianus Cornelius Uhlenbeck (18 October 1866, in Voorburg, the Netherlands – 12 August 1951, in Lugano, Switzerland) was a Dutch linguist and anthropologist with a wide variety of research interests. His published work included books and articles on Germanic and Balto-Slavic languages, Sanskrit, Basque, and the Blackfoot language of North American Indians. He served as a lecturer at Leiden University.

C.C. Uhlenbeck

In 1904 Uhlenbeck became member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.[1]

In the summer of 1911, Dr. C.C. Uhlenbeck visited the Blackfoot Indian reservation in Montana to conduct field work. He was accompanied by his wife, Wilhelmina Maria Uhlenbeck, whose diary was later incorporated into their book about this expedition.[2]


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