Christian of Clogher

Christian, also known as Gilla Críst Ua Morgair (Modern Irish: Croistan Ó Morgair), was a bishop and brother of St. Malachy of Armagh.[1] In 1126, Christian was named the Bishop of Clogher, in Ireland, a position he held until his death on June 12, 1138. He was buried at the Abbey of St. Peter and Paul in Armagh.[2]

Saint Christian
Bishop of Clogher
BornArmagh, Ireland
Died12 June 1138
Clogher, Ireland
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Feast12 June

Visio TnugdaliEdit

The Visio Tnugdali, written c.1149, makes reference to Christian as follows:

When Saint Ruadan had fallen silent, Tundale looked happily about him and saw Saint Patrick of Ireland, dressed in shining robes alongside many bishops decked out in their finest regalia. They were all joyful and there was no sound of any sighing! Among that blessed company Tundale could see four bishops whom he recognised... The third bishop that Tundale recognised was Malachias O'Moore's brother, the former bishop of Clogher, a wealthy but a retiring man.[3]


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