Christian Schwochow

Christian Schwochow (German: [ˈkʁɪsti̯a(ː)n ˈʃvɔxoː]; born 23 September 1978) is a German film director.[1] He has directed more than ten films since 2005, including TV movie "Bornholmer Straße" on the ARD channel, a tragicomedy about the fall of the Berlin Wall.[2] Schwochow also directed episodes of season 3 of the Netflix series The Crown.

Christian Schwochow
2019-01-31-Christian Schwochow-DFP 2019-4673.jpg
Christian Schwochow at the German Television Prize 2019 in the Düsseldorf Rheinterrasse
Born (1978-09-23) 23 September 1978 (age 43)
OccupationFilm director
Years active2005–present


Christian Schwochow was born on the Island of Rügen, off the northern coast of West Pomerania in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany: 1949–1990). Heide Schwochow [de], his mother, is a journalist and award-winning screenwriter. He grew up in Leipzig, East Berlin and (after 1990) Hanover. Through his mother's connections, he gained experience of work on the radio drama productions of the East German Radio Service while he was still a child.[1][3]

Selected filmographyEdit

Year Title Notes
2011 Cracks in the Shell
2012 The Tower TV film
2013 West
2016 Paula
2018 Bad Banks TV series
2021 Je suis Karl
2021 Munich – The Edge of War


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