Christian Focus Publications

Christian Focus Publications (CFP) is a conservative, evangelical publishing house in the United Kingdom.[3]

Christian Focus Publications
Founded1970s (1970s)
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Headquarters locationFearn, Scotland
DistributionRoundhouse Group (UK)[1]
Reformers Bookshop, Koorong (Australia)
Sola Scriptura Ministries (Canada)
Baker & Taylor Publisher Services(USA)
Struik Christian Media (South Africa)[2]
Publication typesBooks

CFP was established in the early 1970s,[4] and is located in Fearn, Ross-shire.[5] The managing director is William Mackenzie.[3][6]

CFP has four imprints:[5]

  • Christian Focus - popular adult titles
  • CF4K - children's books
  • Christian Heritage - reprints
  • Mentor - scholarly works


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