Christian Brothers College, Adelaide

Christian Brothers College (CBC) is a private Catholic school in Adelaide, South Australia. It was founded by a group of Irish Christian Brothers in 1878, and it is now one of three Christian Brothers schools in the state.[3]

Christian Brothers College
Christian Brothers College, Adelaide CoA.svg
Primary campus:
324 Wakefield Street
Adelaide, South Australia

Secondary campus:
214 Wakefield Street
Adelaide, South Australia
Coordinates34°55′40″S 138°36′35″E / 34.9278°S 138.6097°E / -34.9278; 138.6097Coordinates: 34°55′40″S 138°36′35″E / 34.9278°S 138.6097°E / -34.9278; 138.6097
TypeCatholic school
MottoAnte faciem domini
(Before the Face of the Lord)
DenominationCatholic (Christian Brothers)
PrincipalDan Lynch
Enrolment1300 (2015)[2]
Colour(s)Purple, white & shades of yellow               

CBC is predominantly a secondary school, although it has a primary school campus, and now includes a community childcare centre, with a combined student population of approximately 1135 (as of 2013).[2]

Christian Brothers College, Adelaide
Entrance to Secondary campus via Wakefield Street


Christian Brothers College has six houses with tutor groups consisting of either students from years 7-9 or 10-12.

Upon commencement at the college, each student is assigned to one of the six houses:[4]

House name Colour Patron Current house leader
Bourke Green John Vianney Bourke Krystle Helps
Hurley Blue Edmund Phillip Hurley Chris Mellow
Marks Purple John Patrick Marks George Bryant
O'Brien White Francis Thomas O'Brien Debra Withers
Smith Yellow Ernest Gregory Smith Richard McLoughlin
Walsh Red Francis Celsus Walsh Scott McGregor

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