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Chris "The Westside Strangler" Brennan (born October 12, 1971) is an American mixed martial artist who last competed in the Welterweight division. A professional competitor from 1994 until 2012, he competed for the UFC, PRIDE, Cage Rage, King of the Cage and Shooto.[2] He is a former King of the Cage Middleweight Champion and former King of the Cage Middleweight Superfight Champion. He is also one of 18 fighters to compete in the -77 kg division at the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships in 2005.[3] Chris was also the founder of Nogi Industries, a Mixed martial arts clothing company. In 2014 Chris was inducted in to the Mixed Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Chris is the owner and founder of Next Generation MMA. After retiring from MMA competition Chris switched his focus back to grappling events and also entered and won the No-Gi Black Belt World Championships in 2013, 2014, and 2015. He was also the 2014 Nogi Pan American Champion.

Chris Brennan
Born (1971-10-12) October 12, 1971 (age 50)
Compton, California, United States
Other namesThe Westside Strangler
ResidenceFrisco, Texas
Height5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Weight170 lb (77 kg; 12 st)
Fighting out ofFrisco, Texas, United States
Compton, California
TeamTorrance Academy (until 1997)[1]
Next Generation MMA (1998–present)[1]
RankBlack belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Ricardo "Franjinha" Miller [1]
Years active1994–2009, 2012, 2015
Mixed martial arts record
By knockout1
By submission19
By decision1
By knockout4
By submission5
By decision4
Other information
Mixed martial arts record from Sherdog


Brennan was born in Compton, California but soon moved to Orange County before settling in Laguna Hills and Huntington Beach, California where he spent the next 10 years. Growing up, Brennan claims that he lived in at least 19 different homes and played baseball and soccer but was ultimately more interested in individual sports such as bodybuilding, surfing, gymnastics, and motocross. While working as a bouncer, Brennan saw UFC 1 and was motivated by the dominant performance of UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie. Brennan soon began training with Gracie himself and received his Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt in only seven years. Brennan later became the first no-gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor in the United States.[4][5]

Mixed martial arts careerEdit

Early careerEdit

Brennan made his professional mixed martial arts debut in 1996 and compiled a record of 4–1–1 before being signed by the UFC.


Brennan made his UFC debut against Courtney Turner at the UFC 16 Lightweight Tournament on March 13, 1998 and won via armbar submission in the first round. In his next fight later that night, Brennan lost to future five-time champion, Pat Miletich via submission.

King of the CageEdit

Brennan made his King of the Cage debut against future King of the Cage Lightweight Champion Joe Stevenson and won via submission. In his next fight, Brennan fought against future MFC Lightweight Champion Antonio McKee for the King of the Cage Middleweight Superfight Championship and won via knockout with a head kick. In his first title defense, Brennan was defeated by Joe Hurley after he was knocked out from elbows.

On August 4, 2001 Brennan defeated Kevin Hogan via armbar submission to become the new King of the Cage Middleweight Champion and then in his next fight, successfully defended his title against Steve Berger. After a one-fight stint with the UFC at UFC 35, a loss to Gil Castillo, Brennan won two more fights outside of King of the Cage before returning to defend his title again, this time against John Alessio. Brennan was defeated via TKO.


Brennan went 0–2 in Shooto, losing a controversial decision to Takanori Gomi before he made his PRIDE debut on October 5, 2003 at Bushido 1 against Eiji Mitsuoka and won via kimura submission in the first round. In his next appearance for the organization, he faced Daiju Takase a year later at Bushido 2 and lost via unanimous decision.

His last fight in PRIDE was at Bushido 12 against Tatsuya Kawajiri, and he was defeated via TKO only 29 seconds into the first round.


Since his last fight in PRIDE, Brennan has gone 2–2, competing for Cage Rage and King of the Cage.

Personal lifeEdit

Brennan has sons, Lucas (born 2000), who is also a professional mixed martial artist currently competing in Bellator MMA, and Tyler who currently wrestles at the University of Arkansas[6]

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

As a professional MMA fighter his 21 wins were: 18 first round submissions, 1 second round submission, 1 second round KO, and 1 three round unanimous decision, a 95% finish rate, amongst the highest in MMA.

  • 2013 IBJJF Black-Belt No-Gi World Champion
  • 2014 IBJJF Black-Belt No-Gi World Champion
  • 2015 IBJJF Black-Belt No-Gi World Champion
  • 2014 Pan-Am No-Gi Champion
  • Between 2013 and 2015 in 20 grappling matches only four total points scored against

Mixed martial arts recordEdit

Professional record breakdown
36 matches 21 wins 14 losses
By knockout 1 4
By submission 19 6
By decision 1 4
Draws 1
Res. Record Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location Notes
Win 21–14–1 Brandon Gaines Submission (kimura) KOTC: Aerial Assault June 30, 2012 1 1:31 Thackerville, Oklahoma, United States
Win 20–14–1 Marvin Babe Submission (armbar) KOTC: Bad Intentions 2 April 11, 2012 1 0:33 Thackerville, Oklahoma, United States Return to Middleweight.
Loss 19–14–1 Quinn Mulhern Submission (omoplata) KOTC: Militia June 11, 2009 1 2:01 Highland, California, United States
Loss 19–13–1 Jean Silva KO (punches) Cage Rage 23 September 22, 2007 2 2:26 London, England
Win 19–12–1 Adam DiSabato Submission (toe hold) GFC: Evolution May 19, 2007 1 2:11 Columbus, Ohio, United States
Loss 18–12–1 Tatsuya Kawajiri TKO (strikes) PRIDE Bushido 12 August 26, 2006 1 0:29 Nagoya, Japan Lightweight (73 kg) bout.
Loss 18–11–1 Vítor Ribeiro Submission (swollen eye) GFC: Team Gracie vs Team Hammer House March 3, 2006 2 3:25 Columbus, Ohio, United States
Win 18–10–1 Shannon Ritch Submission (guillotine choke) RM 7: Championship Night December 11, 2005 1 1:19 Tijuana, Mexico
Win 17–10–1 Mark Moreno Submission (armbar) Extreme Wars - X-1 July 2, 2005 1 1:14 Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Loss 16–10–1 Daiju Takase Decision (unanimous) PRIDE Bushido 2 February 15, 2004 2 5:00 Yokohama, Japan Middleweight bout.
Win 16–9–1 Eiji Mitsuoka Submission (kimura) PRIDE Bushido 1 October 5, 2003 1 4:31 Saitama, Japan Heavyweight bout.
Win 15–9–1 Jason St. Louis Submission (armbar) Adrenaline Fighting Championships 1 July 24, 2003 1 4:20 Langley, British Columbia, Canada
Loss 14–9–1 Rob Emerson Submission (achilles lock) Hitman Fighting 3[7] May 2, 2003 N/A N/A Santa Ana, California, United States
Loss 14–8–1 Takaharu Murahama Submission (achilles lock) Shooto: 1/24 in Korakuen Hall January 24, 2003 1 2:49 Tokyo, Japan
Loss 14–7–1 Takanori Gomi Decision (unanimous) Shooto: Treasure Hunt 10 September 16, 2002 3 5:00 Yokohama, Japan
Win 14–6–1 Shannon Ritch Submission (armbar) Aztec Challenge 1 September 6, 2002 1 4:50 Juárez, Mexico
Loss 13–6–1 John Alessio TKO (punches) KOTC 15: Bad Intentions June 22, 2002 1 2:20 San Jacinto, California, United States Lost King of the Cage Middleweight Championship.
Win 13–5–1 Thomas Denny Submission (armbar) Gladiator Challenge 11 April 20, 2002 1 3:12 San Jacinto, California, United States
Win 12–5–1 John Chrisostomo Submission (keylock) Warriors Quest 4: Genesis March 29, 2002 1 4:10 Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Loss 11–5–1 Gil Castillo Decision (unanimous) UFC 35 January 11, 2002 3 5:00 Uncasville, Connecticut, United States
Win 11–4–1 Steve Berger Decision (unanimous) KOTC 11: Domination September 29, 2001 3 5:00 San Jacinto, California, United States Defended King of the Cage Middleweight Championship.
Win 10–4–1 Kevin Hogan Submission (armbar) KOTC 10: Critical Mass August 4, 2001 2 1:08 San Jacinto, California, United States Won King of the Cage Middleweight Championship.
Win 9–4–1 Robert Wynne Submission (armbar) Reality Submission Fighting 1 October 6, 2000 1 1:05 Belleville, Illinois, United States
Loss 8–4–1 Joe Hurley KO (elbows) KOTC 5: Cage Wars September 16, 2000 1 4:30 San Jacinto, California, United States Lost King of the Cage Middleweight Superfight Championship.
Win 8–3–1 Antonio McKee KO (head kick) KOTC 3: Knockout Nightmare April 15, 2000 2 0:09 San Jacinto, California, United States Won King of the Cage Middleweight Superfight Championship.
Win 7–3–1 Joe Stevenson Submission (triangle choke) KOTC 1: Bas Rutten's King of the Cage October 30, 1999 1 2:04 San Jacinto, California, United States
Loss 6–3–1 Steve Gomm Submission (knees) Bas Rutten Invitational 3 June 1, 1999 1 2:27 Denver, Colorado, United States
Win 6–2–1 Steve Horton Submission (guillotine choke) Extreme Challenge 22 November 21, 1998 1 2:13 West Valley City, Utah, United States
Loss 5–2–1 Pat Miletich Submission (shoulder choke) UFC 16 March 13, 1998 1 9:02 New Orleans, Louisiana, United States UFC 16 Welterweight Tournament Finals.
Win 5–1–1 Courtney Turner Submission (armbar) 1 1:20 UFC 16 Welterweight Tournament Reserve Bout.
Loss 4–1–1 Pat Miletich Decision (unanimous) Extreme Challenge Trials November 15, 1997 1 30:00 Davenport, Iowa, United States
Draw 4–0–1 Pat Miletich Draw Extreme Challenge 9 August 30, 1997 1 20:00 Davenport, Iowa, United States
Win 4–0 Delcio Delcio Submission (guillotine choke) Carioca de Freestyle February 10, 1996 1 4:46 Brazil
Win 3–0 Steve Oliver Submission (rear-naked choke) Independent Event January 24, 1996 1 1:52 Mississippi, United States
Win 2–0 Randal Kemp Submission (armbar) 1 1:35
Win 1–0 Scott Carter Submission (Peruvian necktie) Independent Event January 5, 1996 1 2:12 California, United States


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