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The mouth of the Chornaya River

The Chorna, Chornaya or Chorhun River (Ukrainian: Чорна, Chorna, Russian: Чёрная, Crimean Tatar: Çorğun), which translates from the Ukrainian and Russian as "Black River", is a small river in Crimea. Its length is 34.5 km.

The Chorna River begins in the Baydar Valley northeast of the small town of Rodnikivs'ke (44° 28' N 33° 51' EG), just west of which it flows into a reservoir. From there it continues in a westerly direction to the town of Inkerman (Belokamensk) where it enters the Bay of Sevastopol, on the southwest coast of the peninsula.

The Chorna lends its name to the Battle of Chornaya River. The Crimean town of Inkerman, a key location during the Crimean War, is located along the banks of the Chorna.

Coordinates: 44°28′N 33°51′E / 44.467°N 33.850°E / 44.467; 33.850