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Chorilaena quercifolia, commonly known as karri oak, is a shrub that is endemic to the karri forests of south-west Western Australia. It is the sole species in the genus Chorilaena.[1]

Karri oak
Chorilaena quercifolia.jpg
Scientific classification
C. quercifolia
Binomial name
Chorilaena quercifolia

Its height usually ranges from 1 to 4 metres and its width from 1 to 3 metres. The flowers are usually green, although yellow, white, red and pink forms are known. They appear in the late spring and early summer and are about 1.5 cm long and 1 cm wide.[2][3]

The species was formally described in 1837 by Austrian botanist Stephan Endlicher based on plant material collected from King George Sound by Charles von Hügel.[1] The leaves are shaped like those of an oak (genus Quercus), hence the specific epithet quercifolia.[3]


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