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Chor Machaye Shor (translation: Cry of A Thief) is a 2002 Bollywood action comedy film. The plot of this film is based on the 1999 Hollywood film Blue Streak (which itself is a remake of the 1965 British film The Big Job) and the 1979 Bollywood film Gol Maal.

Chor Machaye Shor
Theatrical Release Poster
Directed byDavid Dhawan
Produced byRajiv Tolani
Written byAnwar Khan (dialogues)
Screenplay byYunus Sajawal
Story byShanawaz Ahmed
StarringBobby Deol
Shilpa Shetty
Bipasha Basu
Paresh Rawal
Om Puri
Music byAnu Malik
CinematographyHarmeet Singh
Edited byDavid Dhawan
Geeta Enterprises
Release date
  • 23 August 2002 (2002-08-23)


Shyam (Bobby Deol) is a small-time thief who works as a security guard at a museum. He devises a plan with his three friends: Johnny (Rajpal Yadav), Titu (Ashish Vidyarthi) and Tony (Rajat Bedi) to steal a particular Nizam diamond. The foursome successfully manages to steal the diamond only for Shyam to double-cross Titu and Tony. Johnny and Shyam escape with the diamond. Johnny escapes but Shyam is apprehended, before which he hides the diamond in an air duct of a dilapidated building. Shyam is sentenced for 2 years in prison.

2 years have passed and a freshly released Shyam heads towards the dilapidated building which housed the diamond, but much to his amazement, a new police headquarters is built in place of the dilapidated building. Shyam decides to portray a fake police inspector Ram to enter the building to steal the diamond. He attracts the attention of ACP Ranvir Singh (Paresh Rawal) for his heroism and Inspector Pandey (Om Puri), an inspector who frequently suspects Ram of his true identity. Ram even manages to romance Inspector Ranjita (Bipasha Basu). In the midst of all this, Shyam tries his best to locate the diamond but is forced to enact as a cop to subdue criminals, such as Kalia Anthony (Razzak Khan) and his own friend Johnny. Before Johnny is arrested, Johnny calls Ram as Shyam which causes Pandey to become suspicious of Inspector Ram.

Ram later reveals that Shyam is actually his "twin" brother who is a rascal. Ranvir Singh makes it his job to reform Shyam, so Shyam is forced to balance both Inspector Ram and Shyam (who is employed as the driver of Ranvir) and he even manages to romance Ranvir's daughter Kajal (Shilpa Shetty). Shyam's other friend Guru (Shekhar Suman) is forced to enact as Shyam/Ram's mother as Pandey keeps on suspecting Shyam/Ram while Ranvir seems oblivious to what is happening. Meanwhile Titu and Tony come to know of Shyam's release and they come to know that the diamond is hidden somewhere inside the police headquarters. Posing as tea-boys, they threaten Shyam but Shyam retaliates and attacks causing them to retreat. Shyam and his other cronies devise a plan to convince Ranvir that doppelgangers (twins) exist, so they refer Ranvir as Raghu, who is a wanted drug smuggler.

Kajal, however, is the only one who finds out the real truth about Shyam/Ram. Then Ranvir finds out and gets enraged. Unaware, Tito and Tony find the actual doppelganger of Ranvir, Raghu Swami (also Paresh Rawal). And they threaten to make him pose as Ranvir so that it makes it easier to steal the diamond. Shyam finds out about this and thwarts Tito and Tony's plans. Shyam escapes with the diamond and ends up in a car retailer shop with both Tito and Tony following him. A fight ensues, however, the cops arrive to arrest Shyam, Tito, and Tony. Johnny then appears and presumably shoots Shyam and in turn Shyam shoots Johnny. Both presumably die. Tito and Tony are arrested while the ever-suspicious Pandey finds out that the gun was fake, which meant that Johnny and Shyam did not really kill each other.

At the airport, Pandey and Ranvir bid farewell to Kajal who is going to London. Pandey and Ranvir are then confronted by three Sikhs, who are actually Guru, Shyam and Johnny in disguise (this also confirms that Johnny and Shyam are still alive). Pandey once again suspects them to be Shyam and refuses to believe that twins exist, but the tables turn when Pandey meets his own doppelganger, a Punjabi tourist, for a short while. The film ends with Shyam (disguised as a Sikh) who gifts Kajal a diamond ring which reveals that Kajal was going to get married to Shyam in London.



  1. "Kaan Ke Neeche" - Vinod Rathod, Anuradha Sriram
  2. "Aankhein Hain Teri" - Udit Narayan, Dimple Verma
  3. "Chor Machaaye Shor" - Sonu Nigam
  4. "Chadh Gayi Chadh Gayi" - Sonu Nigam, Anuradha Sriram
  5. "Ishqan Ishqan" - Karsan Sargathiya, Sunidhi Chauhan, Adnan Sami
  6. "Tum Tata Ho Ya Birla" - Vinod Rathod, Anuradha Sriram


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