Chooz Nuclear Power Plant

The Chooz Nuclear Power Station (French: Centrale nucléaire de Chooz) lies in the municipality of Chooz in the Ardennes department, France, on the Meuse River in a panhandle protruding into Belgium, between the French city of Charleville-Mézières and the Belgian municipality of Dinant, near the comune of Givet.

Chooz Nuclear Power Plant
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Official nameCentrale Nucléaire de Chooz
LocationChooz, Ardennes
Coordinates50°5′24″N 4°47′22″E / 50.09000°N 4.78944°E / 50.09000; 4.78944Coordinates: 50°5′24″N 4°47′22″E / 50.09000°N 4.78944°E / 50.09000; 4.78944
Construction began1960
Commission dateApril 15, 1967 (April 15, 1967)
Decommission date1991 (Chooz A)
Nuclear power station
Reactor typePWR
Reactor supplierFramatome
Cooling towers2 × Natural Draft
Cooling sourceMeuse River
Power generation
Units operational2 × 1560 MW
Make and modelAlstom
Units decommissioned1 × 320 MW
Nameplate capacity3120 MW
Capacity factor70.6%
Annual net output19,306 GW·h
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The first reactor, Chooz A, was an early pressurized water reactor (PWR) design by Westinghouse, built and operated by French (EDF) and Belgian (SENA) grid operators. It was shut down in 1991 after an operational life of 22 years. The containment building of this unit was underground.

Two units of the N4 reactor design are currently in operation, Chooz B1 and Chooz B2. Designed for a net power output of 1450 MWe, power was uprated to 1500 MWe in 2003. This was the highest nameplate capacity for any reactor design worldwide until the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in China began operation. The Taishan plant is an EPR design reactor with a net power output of greater than 1,600 MWe per reactor.

The plant employs around 700 full-time workers.

The Chooz reactors were a source of neutrinos for the Chooz neutrino oscillation experiment; a new experiment, Double Chooz, is currently operating nearby.


Unit Type Net power Total power Construction start Construction finish Commercial operation Shut down
Chooz - A (Ardennes) PWR 310 MW 320 MW 01.01.1962 03.04.1967 15.04.1967 30.10.1991
Chooz - B 1 PWR 1500 MW 1560 MW 01.01.1984 30.08.1996 15.05.2000
Chooz - B 2 PWR 1500 MW 1560 MW 31.12.1985 10.04.1997 29.09.2000

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