Chokka Thangam

Chokka Thangam (transl. Pure gold) is a 2003 Indian Tamil-language drama film written and directed by K. Bhagyaraj. The film was produced by G. Venkateswaran under GV Films. The film stars Vijayakanth and Soundarya in lead roles with Goundamani, Senthil, Prakash Raj, Uma and Swathi playing supporting roles. The film's score and music was composed by Deva. The film was released on 15 January 2003 and was a super hit at the box office.[1][citation needed] It was also dubbed in Telugu as Maa Bava Bangaram.[2]

Chokka Thangam
Chokka Thangam.jpg
Directed byK. Bhagyaraj
Produced byG. Venkateswaran
Written byK. Bhagyaraj
Music bySabesh-Murali
CinematographyM. V. Panneerselvam
Edited byK. Mohankumar
G. V. Films
Release date
  • 15 January 2003 (2003-01-15)
Running time
160 minutes


Muthu (Vijayakanth) lives in a village with his sister Maragatham (Uma). Muthu is very fond of his sister and ready to do anything for her. Pavazham (Soundarya) is an orphan who lives in the same village. Muthu and Pavazham have a liking towards each other. Ponnambalam is the local baddie who tries to molest Pavazham when she is alone. However, Muthu comes for rescue and takes Pavazham along with him to his house.

Maragatham is married to Sundaram (Prakash Raj). Sundaram’s sister Gowri’s (Swathi) wedding is also arranged. But on the day of Gowri’s wedding, her fiance passes away which makes the villagers believe that Gowri is unlucky. Sundaram’s family members want Muthu to marry Gowri, but Muthu refuses as he is in love with Pavazham. Angered by this, Sundaram’s family members kick out Maragatham from their house as a means of revenge. Maragatham comes back to Muthu’s house.

Muthu tries hard to get Gowri’s wedding fixed again, but in vain. He meets Akash with a wedding proposal, but is turned down by his parents. Meanwhile, Maragatham is conceived. Sundaram understands Muthu’s situation and visits Maragatham frequently without informing his family members. Finally, Sundaram finds a bride groom for Gowri and their wedding is arranged. Sundaram also brings Maragatham to his house and the families are united.

One day, Akash and his family members are about to meet with an accident, however Muthu spots them and saves them. Akash’s family members understand the good nature of Muthu despite them humiliating him when he came with a marriage proposal with Gowri. On the day of Gowri’s marriage, it is revealed that the groom is a cheat and is set by Ponnambalam with plans of trapping Muthu. Ponnambalam wants Muthu to give him Pavazham, so that Gowri’s wedding will go as planned. Else, he threatens that the wedding will be cancelled which might hurt Gowri again.

Muthu fights Ponnambalam and decides to sacrifice his love. Muthu agrees to marry Gowri as he does not want Gowri to be disappointed again by cancelling her wedding. However, Akash’s family members, now agree to get Akash married to Gowri. Akash and Gowri are married. Finally, Muthu and Pavazham are also married.



Vidhya Venkatesh was originally approached for the role of Vijayakanth's sister since she was busy with Kalaatpadai, she could not spare her dates and she was replaced by Uma.[3]


The Soundtrack was composed by Deva and lyrics were written by R. V. Udayakumar, P. Vijay, Thamarai, and Snehan.[4]

Chokka Thangam
Soundtrack album by
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelStar Music
Deva chronology
Chokka Thangam
1."Enna Nenache"R. V. UdayakumarP. Unni Krishnan, Anuradha Sriram4:51
2."En Jannal"Pa. VijayHariharan, Sadhana Sargam4:45
3."Ettu Jilla"Pa. VijayKarthik, Anuradha Sriram, Unni Menon4:41
4."Vellayai Manam"ThamaraiSwarnalatha, P. Jayachandran, Sujatha Mohan4:06
5."Oor Oora"SnehanS. P. Balasubrahmanyam5:02
Total length:23:25

Critical receptionEdit

Balaji of Thiraipadam noted "The movie is not much different from other movies where Vijayakanth stars as the village do-gooder and has all the usual ingredients found in his movies like a squeaky clean image for him, duets in bright costumes and a bunch of fights" and also wrote "Bagyaraj's trademarks of a humorous screenplay, sprinklings of double entendre dialogs and a close look at marital issues are all but absent".[5] Malathi Rangarajan of The Hindu wrote "The film does have its plus points, yet somehow Bhagyaraj's magic touch in films [..] is definitely missing in "Chokka Thangam."[6]


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