Chinese cemetery of Dili

The Chinese cemetery of Dili is a historical cemetery in Dili, East Timor. Built in 1889 on land donated by the then Portuguese government, the oldest graves date back to the early 20th century.[1]

Chinese Cemetery of Dili
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Chinese cemetery of Dili is located in Dili
Chinese cemetery of Dili
Shown within Dili
CountryEast Timor
Coordinates8°34′05″S 125°35′17″E / 8.5680130°S 125.5881728°E / -8.5680130; 125.5881728Coordinates: 8°34′05″S 125°35′17″E / 8.5680130°S 125.5881728°E / -8.5680130; 125.5881728
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In 2015, the cemetery had about 1,400 tombs and was still maintained by the local Chinese community.[2]


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