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The Chinese Society of Psychiatry (CSP; Chinese: 中华医学会精神病学分会; literally: 'Chinese Medical Association Psychiatry Branch') is the largest organization for psychiatrists in China. It publishes the Chinese Classification of Mental Disorders ("CCMD"). The CSP also publishes clinical practice guidelines; promotes psychiatric practice, research and communication; trains new professionals; and holds academic conferences.


Origins and organizationEdit

The organization developed out of the Chinese Society of Neuro-Psychiatry, which was founded in 1951. This separated into the Chinese Society of Psychiatry and Chinese Society of Neurology in 1994. Since then, successive committees have run the organisation, currently the 3rd Committee, which started in 2003, whose president is Dongfeng Zhou. The CCMD is now on its third revision.

The official journal of the CSP is the Chinese Journal of Psychiatry (中华精神科杂志).[1] The Society held its seventh annual academic conference in 2006.[2] The Society is a member of the World Psychiatric Association.


The Chinese Society of Psychiatrists (CSP) has been criticised for being complicit in the Government's oppression of political dissidents, particularly the Falun Gong—including by detaining individuals via the misapplication of diagnoses or using such diagnoses as "political maniacs", "delusions of reform" or "paranoid psychosis". In 2004, the CSP agreed on a joint response with the World Psychiatric Association to the allegations.[3]

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