Chinese General Chamber of Commerce

The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce (CGCCHK; Chinese: 香港中華總商會) is a non-profit organization of local Chinese firms and businessman based in Hong Kong. Founded in 1900 by Ho Fook and Lau Chu-pak, the two prominent leaders of the Chinese community in the colonial period. It is one of the oldest and largest chambers of commerce in Hong Kong. At present, the Chamber has a membership of over 6,000, comprising association, company and individual members.[1] This organization is not to be confused with the China General Chamber of Commerce-U.S.A. in New York.

Chinese General Chamber of Commerce
Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Building 201705.jpg
Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Building
Legal statusNot-for-profit organisation
PurposeChambers of commerce of Hong Kong Chinese businessmen
Region served
Hong Kong
Dr. Charles Yeung
WebsiteChinese General Chamber of Commerce

Largely regarded as a pro-Beijing group, it has representative in the Legislative Council of Hong Kong through the Commercial (Second) functional constituency and also many other political sectors such as the Election Committee which is responsible for the Chief Executive election, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Information Technology and Broadcasting Bureau, and Education and Manpower Bureau. The current holder of the seat in the Legislative Council is Martin Liao.


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