China Road and Bridge Corporation

China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), a subsidiary of Fortune Global 500[1] company China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), focuses on global civil engineering and construction projects such as highways, railways, bridges, ports, and tunnels. Growing out of the Foreign Aid Office of the Ministry of Communications of China, CRBC and its predecessors have been executing projects since 1958. In 1979, CRBC was formally established and entered the international contracting market. The parent entity, CCCC, was formed through the combination of CRBC and China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC) in 2005.[2]

China Road and Bridge Corporation
Native name
IndustryEngineering and Construction
Area served
Key people
Lu Shan, Chairman Du Fei, President
ServicesDesign, engineering and construction of transportation infrastructure, including highways, railways, bridges, tunnels, marine ports, airports

Design, engineering and construction of selected vertical infrastructure assets e.g. university buildings

ParentChina Communications Construction Co.

CRBC is among the largest engineering and construction firms globally,[3] and operates from more than 50 branches and offices throughout Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. CRBC has played a key role in the design and construction of both greenfield and brownfield infrastructure projects in developing countries, especially those located in Africa where it is a market leader.[4] The company has full EPC capabilities, and actively pursues P3 projects, often acting as concessionaire.[5] The company's motto is: "Build roads and bridges, make contributions to society, put employees first, and strive for excellence."

In addition to the design and construction of infrastructure, CRBC is engaged in infrastructure equity investment; real estate development and management; and industrial park equity investment and development.

Notable bridge projectsEdit

Notable tunnel projectsEdit

Notable road projectsEdit

Roadworks between Conakry and Coyah (Guinea)
  • Beijing Capital Airport Expressway (China)
  • Brazzaville Viaduct Project (Congo-Brazzaville), the first viaduct in Congo-Brazzaville and the longest bridge in west and central Africa[21]
  • Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway (China)[22]
  • Addis Ababa to Nazret Expressway (Ethiopia)[22]
  • Addis Ababa Ring Road Project (Ethiopia)
  • Datong–Yuncheng Expressway (China), the largest expressway structure in China's Shanxi province
  • Thies-Touba Toll Highway (Senegal)[23]
  • Phnom Peng - Sihanoukville Expressway Project (Cambodia),[24] a $1.7 billion[25] project that includes 89 bridges
  • National Road No. 7 Improvement Project in Xieng Khouang Province (Laos)
  • Pifo-Papallacta Road Project (Ecuador)[26]
  • Los Granados Overpass Project of Quito City (Ecuador)
  • Kigali Urban Road Upgrading Project (Rwanda) - with this project, CRBC has built 70% of Rwanda's asphalt roads[27]
  • Osh-Wootz Road Rehabilitation Project (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Rehabilitation of the Caxito to N'zeto Road (Angola)[28]
  • Smokovac-Uvač-Mateševo section of the Bar-Boljare Motorway (Montenegro), which has 19 bridges, 16 tunnels, and 3 interchanges[29]
  • Pakistan Karakoram Highway Upgrading Project (Pakistan), one of the highest paved roads in the world
  • Dare-e-Sof and Yakawlang Road (Afghanistan), a 550 km road over mountainous terrain requiring eight large bridges as well as 194 small bridges[30]
  • Rehabilitation and Modernization of the Alfao-Sanvé Condji-Bénin Border Road (Togo)[31]
  • Odienne-Gbelegban Highway Project (Côte d'Ivoire)[32]
  • Thies-Touba Toll Highway Project (Senegal)[33][34]
  • Madagascar Capital Airport Road Project (Madagascar)[35]
  • Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville expressway (Cambodia)[36]

Notable rail projectsEdit

A DF4D owned by CRBC in the construction site of Nairobi–Malaba Standard Gauge Railway

Notable port, airport and other projectsEdit

  • Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 3 (China), the second largest airport terminal in the world and the ninth largest building in the world by area
  • Section IV of the 3RS Project at Hong Kong International Airport[46]
  • Bata Port Project (Equatorial Guinea), the first large modern port in Central Africa[47]
  • Saint Mary Road Port Project (Madagascar)
  • OYO Inland Wharf Project (Congo-Brazzaville)
  • Friendship Port of Nouakchott (Mauritania)[48]
  • No. 19 Berth in Mombasa (Kenya), the first port project of Kenya since 1984
  • Cabinda University (Angola)[49]
  • Zaire Province Hospital Project (Angola)
  • Kampar Sports Complex (Malaysia)
  • Teacher Training Institute (Malaysia)
  • Yachay University Real Estate Project (Ecuador)


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