China Open (pool)

The China Open (officially: China World 9-Ball Open) is a professional pool event held annually since 2009. The event is held in Shanghai in the People's Republic of China.


Events in the China open are played as firstly in a Double elimination system, with a race to nine racks. As soon as only 32 players are left in the tournament the event transisitions into a Single-elimination tournament and race to 11 racks.[1] In the women's events, the racks are shortened to races to seven and nine respectively.[2]

Prize moneyEdit

The winner of the men's tournament receives $40,000, with the total prize money distributed at the men's tournament was different for the individual tournaments. $134,000 was awarded in 2010, $195,200 in 2014. The winner of the women's tournament receives since 2011 $30,000 US dollars, previously it was initially $25,000, then $26,000. Overall, the women's 2014 prize money of $138,000 US dollars was distributed, in 2009, however, only $75,000.[citation needed]



Year Location Winner Score Finalist Semi-finalists
2009[3]   Shanghai   Thorsten Hohmann 11–5   Niels Feijen   Yukio Akakariyama
  Lu Hui-chan
2010[4]   Chang Yu-lung 11–7   Antonio Lining   Lee Van Corteza
  Liu Haitao
2011[5]   Chris Melling 11–3   Hsu Kai-lun   Niels Feijen
  Ronato Alcano
2012[6]   Dennis Orcollo 11–9   Lu Hui-chan   Chang Yu-lung
  Yukio Akakariyama
2013[7]   Lee Van Corteza 11–6   Fu Che-wei   Omar al-Shaheen
  Wu Jiaqing
2014   Chang Yu-lung 11–5   Jeffrey Ignacio   Chang Jung-Lin
  Carlo Biado
2015   Albin Ouschan 11–8   John Morra   Chu Bingjie
  Nick van den Berg
2016   Wu Jiaqing 11–4   Cheng Yu-hsuan   Ko Pin-yi
  Wu Kun-lin
2017   Joshua Filler 11–6   Chang Jung-Lin   Thorsten Hohmann
  Cheng Yu-hsuan
2018[1]   Ko Pin-yi 11–9   Jayson Shaw   Wu Jia-qing
  Dang Jinhu
2019[8]   Wu Jiaqing 11–10   Anthony Raga   Shane Van Boening
  Eklent Kaçi


Year Location Winner Score Finalist Semi-finalists
2009[9]   Shanghai   Tsai Pei-chun   Karen Corr   Kelly Fisher
  Fu Xiaofang
2010[10]   Chen Siming   Allison Fisher   Karen Corr
  Lin Yuan-chun
2011[5]   Fu Xiaofang 9–3   Chen Siming   Lim Yun-mi
  Jasmin Ouschan
2012[6]   Kelly Fisher 9–2   Zhou Doudou   Fu Xiaofang
  Chen Siming
2013[7]   Liu Shasha 9–8   Chen Siming   Allison Fisher
  Kelly Fisher
2014   Yu Han 9–5   Kim Ga-young   Liu Shasha
  Chen Siming
2015   Kim Ga-young 9–6   Fu Xiaofang   Yu Han
  Chen Siming
2016   Yu Han 9–8   Liu Shasha   Wang Xiaotong
  Xue Chen
2017   Chen Siming 9–8   Liu Shasha   Chezka Centeno
  Fu Xiaofang
2018[2]   Fu Xiaofang 9–1   Kelly Fisher   Kim Ga-young
  Liu Shasha
2019[8]   Chen Siming 9–3   Rubilen Amit   Liu Shasha
  Han Yu


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