China National Highway 304

Coordinates: 44°31′55.1″N 121°0′30.7″E / 44.531972°N 121.008528°E / 44.531972; 121.008528

China National Highway 304 (G304) runs northwest from Dandong, Liaoning towards Holingol, Inner Mongolia. It is 889 kilometres in length.

alt=National Highway 304 shield
National Highway 304
Route information
Part of AH1
Length889 km (552 mi)
Major junctions
FromDandong, Liaoning
ToHolingol, Inner Mongolia
Highway system
China National Highways
G303 G305

Route and distanceEdit

Route and distance
City Distance (km)
Dandong, Liaoning 0
Fengcheng, Liaoning 59
Nanfen District, Liaoning 171
Benxi, Liaoning 211
Shenyang, Liaoning 287
Xinmin, Liaoning 344
Zhangwu, Liaoning 397
Horqin Zuoyi Houqi, Inner Mongolia 460
Tongliao, Inner Mongolia 520
Jarud Qi, Inner Mongolia 714
Holingol, Inner Mongolia 889

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