China National Highway 212

China National Highway 212 (G212) runs from Lanzhou in Gansu to Chongqing. It is 1302 kilometres in length.

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National Highway 212
Route information
Length1,302 km (809 mi)
Major junctions
FromLanzhou in Gansu
Highway system
China National Highways
Near the start of G212 in Lanzhou
Near Zhongpu Town, Lintao County

The highway is parelled by an expressway for almost its entire length, except for a section between Lintao and Longnan, where G75 Lanzhou–Haikou Expressway is still under construction. From Lanzhou to the junction at Huichuan Town (35 or so km south of Lintao), G212 also doubles as China National Highway 316.

Route and distanceEdit

Route and distance
City Distance (km)
Lanzhou, Gansu 0
Lintao, Gansu 104
Minxian, Gansu 271
Tanchang, Gansu 346
Wudu, Gansu 455
Wenxian, Gansu 601
Guangyuan, Sichuan 809
Yuanba, Sichuan 833
Cangxi, Sichuan 937
Langzhong, Sichuan 963
Nanbu, Sichuan 998
Xichong, Sichuan 1062
Nanchong, Sichuan 1100
Guang'an, Sichuan 1176
Hechuan, Chongqing 1215
Beibei, Chongqing 1254
Shapingba, Chongqing 1290
Chongqing, Chongqing 1302

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