Chimor–Inca War

The Chimor-Inca War was a conflict fought in the late 15th century between the Inca Empire and the Chimor Empire of coastal Peru. At the time of the conflict the Chimor Empire was in a process of territorial expansion but as the Inca Empire appeared in the picture it became impossible for the Chimor to consolidate its conquests.[1] Early skirmishes occurred when the Inca Empire conquered the non-Chimor inland city of Cajamarca.[2] The Incas led by Topa Inca Yupanqui responded to hostilities by advancing first north to Quito in modern Ecuador and then turning their attention to the Chimor Empire.[2] The Chimor Empire was likely conquered from the north. Once conquered, the Incas established an indirect rule over the Chimor.[2] To consolidate victory the Incas pressured the Chimor to hand over the unruly Chimor cacique Minchançaman who travelled to Cuzco becoming a "luxury prisoner" while his more collaborative son acceded his position in his homeland.[1]

Chimor-Inca War
Mapa Chimor.svg
Map showing the location of the Chimor Empire in modern Peru.
Northwestern Peru

Inca victory

  • Chimor states come under indirect Inca rule.
Chimor Empire Inca Empire
Commanders and leaders
Chimor Capac Minchançaman Topa Inca Yupanqui


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