Chilkat River

The Chilkat River[pronunciation?] is a river in British Columbia and southeastern Alaska that flows southward from the Coast Range to the Chilkat Inlet and ultimately Lynn Canal. It is about 80 kilometres (50 mi) long. It begins at Chilkat Glacier, in Alaska, flows west and south in British Columbia for 27 kilometres (17 mi), enters Alaska and continues southwest for another 60 kilometres (37 mi).[2] It reaches the ocean at the abandoned area of Wells, Alaska and deposits into a long delta area.

Chilkat River
A view up the Chilkat River valley from the Takshanuk Mountains
Chilkat River is located in Alaska
Chilkat River
Location of the mouth of the Chilkat River in Alaska
CountriesCanada, United States
ProvinceBritish Columbia
Physical characteristics
 • locationChilkat Glacier, Coast Mountains
 • coordinates[1]
MouthChilkat Inlet
 • location
1 mile (1.6 km) southwest of Haines, St. Elias Mountains
 • coordinates
59°12′15″N 135°28′47″W / 59.20417°N 135.47972°W / 59.20417; -135.47972Coordinates: 59°12′15″N 135°28′47″W / 59.20417°N 135.47972°W / 59.20417; -135.47972[1]
 • elevation
0 ft (0 m)[1]
Length52 mi (84 km)[1]

The river was named by the Russians for the Chilkat group of Tlingit, called /t͡ʃiɬqut/ in their own language,[3] who lived in the region. The name means "salmon storehouse".[2]

Near the Chilkat River is the Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, where thousands of bald eagles appear between October and February, to take advantage of late salmon runs. Nearby Haines, the nearest town, is the most common organization spot for birdwatchers.


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