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1925 Chilean presidential election

Presidential elections were held in Chile on 22 October 1925.[1] They were the first direct elections in the country's history and the first to be held under the new 1925 constitution. The result was a victory for Emiliano Figueroa, who received 71% of the vote.[2]

1925 Presidential election

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  Emiliano Figueroa retrato.jpg José Santos Salas.jpg
Candidate Emiliano Figueroa José Santos Salas
Party Independent USRACh
Popular vote 186,187 74,091
Percentage 71.36% 28.40%

President before election

Luis Barros Borgoño
Liberal Party


Emiliano Figueroa
Liberal Democratic

Electoral systemEdit

The election was held using the absolute majority system, under which a candidate had to receive over 50% of the popular vote to be elected. If no candidate received over 50% of the vote, a joint session of the National Congress would vote on the two candidates that received the most votes.[3]


A member of the Liberal Democratic Party,[4] Figueroa ran as an independent,[2] and was also supported by the Conservative Party, the Radical Party, the United Liberal Party, the Doctrinal Liberal Party, and Democrat Party, the Unionist Liberal Party and the Aliancista Liberal Democratic Party.[4]


Candidate Party Votes %
Emiliano Figueroa Independent 186,187 71.36
José Santos Salas Social-Republican Union of the Wage Earners of Chile 74,091 28.40
Other candidates 617 0.24
Total 260,895 100.00
Registered voters/turnout 302,142 86.35
Source: Nohlen


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