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The Chile national rugby league team represents Chile in rugby league. The team is operated by Futbol a 13 Chile and sanctioned by the Rugby League International Federation to represent Chile at international level in the sport of rugby league.

Badge of Chile team
Team information
Governing bodyFutbol a 13 Chile
Head coachRodrigo Millar
CaptainNick Doberer
RLIF ranking33rd
Team results
First international
 Argentina 16 - 0 Chile 
(Miramar, Argentina; 12 November 2016)
Biggest win
 Chile 54-8 Brazil 
(Los Ángeles, Chile; 17 November 2017)
Biggest defeat
 United States 62-0 Chile 
(Jacksonville, Florida, United States; 13 November 2018)
World Cup


Rugby league (known locally as Futbol a 13) was introduced to Chile in 2015 when the Futbol a 13 Chile organization was formed. Working in partnership with Latin Heat Rugby League, an Australian-based expat team representing Chile competed in the Cabramatta International Nines, marking the first time a Chilean team participated in an organized rugby league competition.[1]

The first domestic match in Chile was played in October 2016 in Negrete, which was followed by the announcement of the inaugural Chilean domestic competition.[2] The competition was expanded with the Super Liga 13 Chile launching in 2017.[3]

In November 2016, Chile competed in the inaugural international rugby league competition in South America, hosted in Miramar, Argentina, comprising Chile, Argentina and a number of select sides from around the region which were supported by the Latin Heat organization.[4] The competition culminated in Argentina and Chile taking part in their first official international match, which Argentina won 16-0.[5]

In November 2017, Los Ángeles, Chile hosted the inaugural Latin American Rugby League Championship, comprising the national teams of Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil.[6][7] Chile won the inaugural tournament, defeating Argentina 32-12 in the final.[8]

In November 2018 Chile participated in the 2018 Americas Rugby League Championship, which acted as the American qualifying competition for the 2021 Rugby League World Cup; as such they became the first South American nation to enter the competition. They were eliminated after losing 62-0 to the USA on November 13, 2018.


Current SquadEdit

Squad selected for 2021 Rugby League World Cup qualifiers;[9]

  • Jonathan Espinoza
  • Iziah Catrileo
  • Bradley Millar
  • Trent Millar
  • Thomas Garrido
  • James Horvat
  • Eugene Araya
  • Chris Brantes
  • Patrick Camaano
  • Mana Castillo-Sioni
  • Nick Doberer
  • Jaden Laing
  • Jose Nitor-Alvear
  • Brandon Tobar
  • Francisco Leiva
  • Piero Diaz
  • Taylor Salas
  • Ferec Cavezas
  • Junior Sandoval
  • Zecil Yao
  • Eddie Wegener


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