Chikara Young Lions Cup

The Young Lions Cup is a professional wrestling championship contested for in the American professional wrestling promotion Chikara.

Young Lions Cup
Chikara's Young Lions Cup.jpg
The Young Lions Cup awarded to the winner of the Young Lions Cup VI tournament
Current champion(s)Ricky South
Date wonJanuary 18, 2020


A tournament is held every year to determine the champion. Originally, experience level was the primary basis for eligibility in the tournament, as the first tournament was only open to those who have wrestled under 50 professional matches. The primary basis for eligibility was later changed to age, making the tournament open only to wrestlers who are 25 years old or younger. The winner of the Young Lions Cup can defend the cup as an actual title until the following tournament, and Young Lions Cup tournament winners are not allowed to compete in the tournament again once they win it.

The original rules also once stated that previous holders of the cup are not allowed to compete for the title once they are no longer champion, but this rule was 'changed' in 2008. Fire Ant was granted a rematch after losing the cup to Vin Gerard, and Director of Fun Leonard F. Chikarason claimed that the rules were now amended, stating that previous holders of the cup could challenge for the cup again any time they wanted until the next Young Lions Cup tournament. However, on February 1, 2010, new Director of Fun Dieter VonSteigerwalt reverted the rule change and announced that former champions could no longer challenge for the cup or enter the annual tournaments.[1]

Though Chikara's one-year hiatus ended in May 2014, the title was never mentioned for a prolonged period. On September 18, it was announced that an eleventh tournament would be done and hosted by Chikara's sister promotion, Wrestling is Fun! (WiF!), from October 11 to November 1.[2] The finals of the tournament took place on December 6 at Tomorrow Never Dies and saw Heidi Lovelace become the first female holder of the title.[3]

Title historyEdit

Wrestler: Cup: Date: Days held: Location: Successful defenses Notes:
Hallowicked I November 16, 2002 602 Allentown, Pennsylvania 4 Defeated Mister Zero in the finals of the Young Lions Cup tournament.[4]
Larry Sweeney II July 31, 2004 111 Emmaus, Pennsylvania 0 Defeated Jigsaw in the finals of the Young Lions Cup II tournament.[4]
Jigsaw II November 19, 2004 245 Reading, Pennsylvania 4 Defeated Larry Sweeney at Fear of Music.[4]
Shane Storm III July 24, 2005 334 Pittston, Pennsylvania 2 Defeated Icarus in the finals of the Young Lions Cup III tournament.[4]
Arik Cannon IV June 25, 2006 125 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 3 Defeated Cheech in the finals of the Young Lions Cup IV tournament.[4]
Max Boyer IV October 28, 2006 237 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 5 Defeated Arik Cannon at Cibernetico Forever.[4]
Chuck Taylor V June 24, 2007 125 Hellertown, Pennsylvania 2 Defeated Ricochet in the finals of the Young Lions Cup V tournament.[4]
Helios V October 27, 2007 230 Barnesville, Pennsylvania 3 Defeated Chuck Taylor at New Star Navigation.[4]
Fire Ant VI June 15, 2008 28 Hellertown, Pennsylvania 0 Defeated Vin Gerard in the finals of the Young Lions Cup VI tournament.[4]
Vin Gerard VI July 13, 2008 154 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 4 Defeated Fire Ant at Tragedy and Triumph.[4]
Vacated VI December 14, 2008 N/A N/A Gerard was stripped of the cup and it was declared vacant following a double disqualification between Gerard and Jimmy Olsen at Duel and Duality.[4]
Equinox (II) VI January 25, 2009 201 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2 Defeated Vin Gerard in a ladder match for the vacant cup at Revelation X.[4]
Player Dos VII August 16, 2009 168 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 3 Defeated Colin Delaney in the finals of the Young Lions Cup VII tournament.[4]
Tim Donst VII January 31, 2010 208 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 4 Defeated Player Dos at A Touch of Class.[4]
Frightmare VIII August 29, 2010 363 Reading, Pennsylvania 7 Defeated Lince Dorado in the finals of the Young Lions Cup VIII tournament.[4]
Tadasuke IX August 27, 2011 301 Easton, Pennsylvania 2 Defeated Green Ant in the finals of the Young Lions Cup IX tournament.[4]
Mark Angelosetti X August 18, 2012 288 Indianapolis, Indiana 6 Defeated ACH in the finals of the Young Lions Cup X tournament.[4]
Heidi Lovelace XI December 6, 2014 429 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2 Defeated Missile Assault Ant in the finals of the Young Lions Cup XI tournament.[3]
The Estonian ThunderFrog / ThunderFrog XII February 6, 2016 364 Reading, Pennsylvania 4 Defeated Wani in the finals of the Young Lions Cup XII tournament.[5]
Won the championship as The Estonian ThunderFrog but defended it as ThunderFrog.
Space Monkey XIII February 4, 2017 56 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 0 Defeated The Whisper in the finals of the Young Lions Cup XIII tournament.[6]
Wani XIII April 1, 2017 64 Fern Park, Florida 0 Defeated Space Monkey at Bad Wolf.
Sylverhawk XIII June 4, 2017 14 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1 Defeated Wani at Hour of Power - S.18.4.
Hermit Crab XIII June 18, 2017 35 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1 Defeated Sylverhawk at The Johnny Kidd Invitational.
Razerhawk XIII July 23, 2017 84 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1 Defeated Hermit Crab at Hour of Power - S.18.5.
Ophidian (II) / The Whisper XIII October 15, 2017 153 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2 Defeated Razerhawk at Hour of Power - S.18.7.
Won the championship as Ophidian but defended it as The Whisper.
Cam Zagami XIV March 31, 2018 105 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1 Defeated Omari in the finals of the Young Lions Cup XIV tournament.
Danjerhawk XIV July 14, 2018 245 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 3 Defeated Cam Zagami at Clan Feuds.
Vacated XIV March 16, 2019 N/A N/A The cup was declared vacant on March 16, 2019.
Still Life with Apricots and Pears XV March 16, 2019 311+ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 10 Defeated Boomer Hatfield in the finals of the Young Lions Cup XV tournament.

Cup reignsEdit

As of January 21, 2019.

Indicates the current champion
Rank Wrestler No. of
Combined days
1 Hallowicked I 4 602
2 Heidi Lovelace XI 2 429
3 The Estonian ThunderFrog XII 4 364
4 Frightmare VIII 7 363
5 Shane Storm III 2 334
6 Tadasuke IX 2 301
7 Mark Angelosetti X 6 288
8 Still Life with Apricots and Pears † XV 10 311+
9 Danjerhawk XIV 3 245
Jigsaw II 4 245
11 Max Boyer IV 5 237
12 Helios V 3 230
13 Tim Donst VII 4 208
14 Equinox II VI 2 201
15 Player Dos VII 3 168
16 Ophidian II/The Whisper XIII 2 167
17 Vin Gerard VI 4 154
18 Arik Cannon IV 3 125
Chuck Taylor V 2 125
20 Larry Sweeney II 0 111
21 Cam Zagami XIV 3 105
22 Razerhawk XIII 1 84
23 Wani XIII 0 64
24 Space Monkey XIII 0 56
25 Hermit Crab XIII 1 35
26 Fire Ant VI 0 28
27 Sylverhawk XIII 1 14

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