Chien Yu-hsiu

Chien Yu-hsiu (simplified Chinese: 简佑修; traditional Chinese: 簡佑修; pinyin: Jiǎn Yùxiù; Wade–Giles: Chien Yü-hsiu; born 29 February 1980) is a former badminton player from the Republic of China.[1] Chien graduated from the National Taiwan Sport University and now works as junior coach in Hsinchu.[2] He was the silver medalist at the 1996 World Junior Championships in the boys' doubles event partnered with Huang Shih-chung, and the champion at the 1998 Asian Junior Championships in the boys' singles event.[3][4] Chien won the senior international tournament at the 2003 U.S. Open.[2] He competed at the 1998 Asian Games, and 2004 Summer Olympics.[5]

Chien Yu-hsiu
Personal information
CountryRepublic of China (Taiwan)
Born (1980-02-29) 29 February 1980 (age 43)
New Taipei City, Taiwan
Height1.68 m (5 ft 6 in)
Weight63 kg (139 lb)
EventMen's singles
BWF profile

His brother Chien Yu-hsun also a professional badminton player.[6]


World Junior ChampionshipsEdit

Boys' doubles

Year Venue Partner Opponent Score Result
1996 Silkeborg Hallerne,
Silkeborg, Denmark
  Huang Shih-chung   Jeremy Gan
  Chan Chong Ming
17–18, 7–15   Silver

Asian Junior ChampionshipsEdit

Boys' singles

Year Venue Opponent Score Result
1998 Kuala Lumpur Badminton Stadium,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  Endra Feryanto 15–1, 15–1   Gold

IBF World Grand PrixEdit

The World Badminton Grand Prix sanctioned by International Badminton Federation (IBF) since 1983.

Men's singles

Year Tournament Opponent Score Result
2003 U.S. Open   Ahn Hyun-suk 5–15, 15–6, 15–12   Winner

IBF InternationalEdit

Men's singles

Year Tournament Opponent Score Result
2004 Austrian International   Przemyslaw Wacha 13–15, 15–11, 8–15   Runner-up
2004 Iran Fajr International   Shoji Sato 11–15, 11–15   Runner-up

Men's doubles

Year Tournament Partner Opponent Score Result
1997 Spanish International   Huang Shih-chung   Lee Sung-yuan
  Lin Wei-hsiang
9–15, 13–15   Runner-up


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