Chief of the General Staff (India)

The Chief of the General Staff, India was a senior military commander in British India from 1906 to 1947.

Chief of the General Staff, India
Gen. Sir Beauchamp Duff (LOC).jpg
First in office
Lieutenant general Sir Beauchamp Duff

March 1906—October 1909
British Indian Army
StatusChief of the General Staff
Reports toCommander-in-Chief, India
SeatGHQ India
Term lengthNo fixed term
FormationMarch 1906
First holderLieutenant general Sir Beauchamp Duff
Final holderLieutenant general Sir Arthur Smith
AbolishedAugust 1947
SuccessionCommander-in-Chief, Indian Army


The Chief of the General Staff, India assisted the Commander-in-Chief, India in commanding the British Indian Army. The post was largely honorary as all power resided in the hands of Commander-in-Chief, India.[1] The post was replaced by that of Commander-in-Chief, Indian Army in 1947 and then by that of Chief of the Army Staff in 1955.[2]

Chiefs of the General StaffEdit

Holders of the post have been:[3]

No. Name Took office Left office Unit of Commission Ref
1 Lieutenant-General Sir Beauchamp Duff Mar 1906 Oct 1909 Royal Artillery [3]
2 Lieutenant-General Sir Douglas Haig Oct 1909 Feb 1912 7th Queen's Own Hussars [3]
3 Lieutenant-General Sir Percy Lake    Feb 1912 Jan 1916 59th (2nd Nottinghamshire) Regiment of Foot [3]
4 Lieutenant-General Sir George Kirkpatrick Jan 1916 Jan 1920 Royal Engineers [3]
5 General Sir Claud Jacob Jan 1920 Nov 1924 Worcestershire Regiment [3]
6 General Sir Andrew Skeen Nov 1924 Oct 1928 King's Own Scottish Borderers [3]
7 General Sir Philip Chetwode Oct 1928 Jul 1930 Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry [3]
8 Lieutenant-General Sir Cyril Deverell Jul 1930 Mar 1931 Prince of Wales's West Yorkshire Regiment [3]
9 General Sir Kenneth Wigram Mar 1931 May 1934 2nd King Edward VII's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles) [3]
10 General Sir William Bartholomew May 1934 Oct 1937 Royal Artillery [3]
11 General Sir Ivo Vesey Oct 1937 Jun 1939 Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey) [3]
12 General Sir Eric de Burgh Jun 1939 May 1941 Royal Dublin Fusiliers [3]
13 Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas Hutton    May 1941 Dec 1941 Royal Artillery [3]
14 Lieutenant-General Sir Edwin Morris            Dec 1941 Apr 1944 Royal Engineers [3]
15 Lieutenant-General Sir John Swayne Apr 1944 Jan 1946 Somerset Light Infantry [3]
16 Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Smith Jan 1946 Aug 1947 Coldstream Guards [3]

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