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The Chief Statistician of Canada (French: Statisticien en chef du Canada) is a deputy of the Minister responsible for Statistics Canada - the Minister of Industry.

The Chief Statistician advises on matters pertaining to statistical programs of the department and agencies of the Government of Canada. The Chief Statistician supervises the administration of the Statistics Act and controls the operation and staff of Statistics Canada. The Chief Statistician must also report yearly on the activities of Statistics Canada to the responsible minister, the Minister of Industry.

The current Chief Statistician of Canada is Anil Arora effective Monday, September 19, 2016 after Wayne Smith resigned on September 16, 2016 over concerns about the independence of Statistics Canada, particularly in relation to IT services being transferred to Shared Services Canada. He replaced Munir Sheikh who resigned on July 21, 2010.[1]

Dominion and Chief Statisticians of Canada (1918 to present)Edit

Name Period Title
Robert H. Coats 1918 – 1942 Dominion Statistician
Sedley A. Cudmore 1942 – 1945 Dominion Statistician
Herbert Marshall 1945 – 1956 Dominion Statistician
Walter E. Duffett 1957 – 1972 Dominion Statistician/Chief Statistician
Sylvia Ostry 1972 – 1975 Chief Statistician
Peter G. Kirkham 1975 – 1980 Chief Statistician
James L. Fry 1980 Interim Chief Statistician
Martin B. Wilk 1980 – 1985 Chief Statistician
Ivan P. Fellegi 1985 – 2008 Chief Statistician
Munir Sheikh 2008 – 2010 Chief Statistician
Wayne Smith 2010 Interim Chief Statistician
Wayne Smith 2011 – 2016 Chief Statistician
Anil Arora 2016– Interim Chief Statistician

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