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The Chief Secretary Sindh (Urdu: معتمدِ اعلٰی سندھ), also referred to as CS Sindh, is the bureaucratic chief and highest-ranking official of the Government of Sindh. They are the administrative head of the Government of Sindh. All departments within the Sindh Government come under the Chief Secretary. The position holder must be a BPS-22 officer and the appointment of the Chief Secretary is made by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The position of Chief Secretary is equivalent to the rank of Federal Secretary.[1] The current Chief Secretary of Sindh is Syed Asif Hyder Shah, in office since March 2024.[2]

Chief Secretary of Sindh
Seal of Sindh
Provincial Flag of Sindh
Syed Asif Hyder Shah
AbbreviationCS Sindh
ResidenceChief Secretary House, Karachi
AppointerPrime Minister of Pakistan
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Pakistan

The Chief Secretary is the executive bureaucractic head of the province. The Chief Secretary is also the Chief Advisor to the Chief Minister on administrative matters. All Secretaries and Divisional Commissioners report to the Chief Secretary. The Provincial Ministers report to the Chief Secretary on administrative matters. Only the Prime Minister can appoint or remove the Chief Secretary from their position. The Chief Secretary also serves as the Cabinet Secretary of Sindh.[3][4][5][6]

Workplace of Chief Secretary edit

The principal workplace of the Chief Secretary is the Chief Secretary's Office located in Sindh Secretariat. The Chief Secretary also has a secretariat called the Chief Secretary’s Secretariat. The official residence of the CS, is the Chief Secretary House, which also serves as a camp office.

List of Chief Secretaries edit

The following table lists down the names of Chief Secretaries that have remained in office since June 2000.

No. Name of Chief Secretary Entered Office Left Office
1 Javed Ashraf Hussain June 2000 July 2002
2 KB Rind July 2002 June 2003
3 Mutawakkil Kazi June 2003 July 2004
4 Aslam Sanjrani July 2004 May 2005
5 Fazal-ur-Rehman May 2005 March 2007
6 Shakeel Durrani March 2007 July 2007
7 Ejaz Qureshi July 2007 November 2007
8 Fazal-ur-Rehman November 2007 August 2010
9 Abdus Subhan Memon March 2011 April 2013
10 Muhammad Ijaz Chaudhry April 2013 November 2013
11 Sajjad Saleem Hotiana November 2013 March 2015
12 Muhammad Siddique Memon March 2015 November 2016
13 Rizwan Memon November 2016 June 2018
14 Azam Suleman Khan June 2018 September 2018
15 Mumtaz Ali Shah September 2018 March 2022
16 Sohail Rajput April 2022 August 2023
17 Fakhre Alam Irfan August 2023

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