Chief Minister of Singapore

The chief minister of Singapore was the head of government of the Colony of Singapore until its abolition on 3 June 1959. It was replaced by the office of Prime Minister. The chief minister was appointed by the governor of Singapore. The chief minister was the party leader of the majority in the Legislative Assembly.

Chief Minister of Singapore
StyleThe Honourable
TypeHead of government
ResidenceOld Parliament House
AppointerGovernor of Singapore
Formation6 April 1955; 67 years ago (1955-04-06)
First holderDavid Saul Marshall
Final holderLim Yew Hock
Abolished3 June 1959; 63 years ago (1959-06-03)
SuccessionPrime Minister of Singapore


In February 1955, a new constitution, the Rendel Constitution, was implemented. Singapore would create its first Legislative Assembly with majority of the seats popularly elected, to replace the existing Legislative Council.[1] 25 out of 32 seats would be elected by the general populace, four seats would be allocated to unofficial members appointed by the governor, three seats taken by ex officio members, respectively the chief secretary, attorney-general and financial secretary, while the remaining seat would be for the unofficial speaker of the Assembly nominated by the governor.[1]

Moreover, the office of Chief Minister was added, which would be assumed by the leader of the majority party in the Assembly, sharing the responsibility with Chief Secretary, Attorney-General and Financial Secretary.[1]

The chief secretary continued to take control over areas such as foreign affairs, defense , administration, internal security , broadcasting and public relations, whereas the power of policy-making for the people's welfare lay in the hands of the chief minister.[1][2]

List of chief ministersEdit

Name Term of office Political Party Government Elected
Took Office Left Office Gen.
1 David Marshall
Assemblyman for Cairnhill
6 April 1955 7 June 1956 LF Marshall I
The first Chief Minister of Singapore, he led the Labour Front to victory in the 1955 general election. He resigned due to the failed Merdeka mission.
2(1) Lim Yew Hock
Assemblyman for Havelock
8 June 1956 3 June 1959 LF Lim I
LFUMNO-MCA (1956–1958)
SPAUMNO-MCA (1958–1959)
2(2) The second and last Chief Minister of Singapore. He served as Minister of Labour and Welfare in David Marshall's Cabinet and concurrently held this position as Chief Minister. He led the breakout from the Labour Front to form the Singapore People's Alliance.

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