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The Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was a position within the Government of Afghanistan that served as head of government of Afghanistan. The extra-constitutional post was created in September 2014 following the disputes that arose after the 2014 Afghan presidential election when both Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah claimed victory in that election. As part of a National Unity Agreement, it was agreed that Ashraf Ghani would assume the presidency and a new post of Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan would be created for Abdullah Abdullah.[2]

Chief Executive of the
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
since 11 March 2020[1]
TypeHead of government
AppointerNational Unity Agreement
Inaugural holderAbdullah Abdullah
Formation29 September 2014

After his claim as president, disputed with Ghani, the post is currently not in use.

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List of chief executive officersEdit

No. Image Name
Took office Left office Time in office Political Affiliation
Abdullah Abdullah
(born 1960)
29 September 2014 11 March 2020[1] 5 years, 164 days National Coalition
Previously served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, from 2001 to 2005.
Post Abolished (2020-Present)

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