Charles "Chuck"[1] Dean Hayes[2][3] (born Charles Dean Fout[4]) (stage name: Chick McGee) is a radio personality who appears on The Bob & Tom Show. The name "Chick McGee" is a pseudonym connected with the Jack McGee character on The Incredible Hulk.[1]

Chick McGee
Charles Dean Fout

(1957-11-26) November 26, 1957 (age 62)
ShowThe Bob & Tom Show

Personal lifeEdit

McGee was born November 26, 1957,[2][5] in London, Ohio. He has three children and has been married and divorced three times.


McGee graduated from London High School in 1976.[4] McGee briefly "visited" The Ohio State University and graduated from an independent broadcast school in June 1976.[6] In 2014 he was inducted in the inaugural class of the Fine Arts Hall of Fame of the London City Schools.[7][8]

Professional careerEdit

He began his career at a small 1,000-watt radio station in West Virginia and held various on-air positions at stations in West Virginia and Ohio. Prior to joining The Bob and Tom Show, he went by the name Chuck Mikelz.[9] On April 1, 1986, Chick joined The Bob & Tom Show.[10] In January 1995,[6][11] Chick left The Bob and Tom Show to become co-host of a show called Kevin & McGee at KGB-FM in San Diego, California. After six months in San Diego, McGee returned on July 10, 1995[6] to his former job on The Bob & Tom Show.[12]

The Bob and Tom ShowEdit

McGee joined The Bob & Tom Show on April 1, 1986, as the show’s announcer.[10] His duties expanded to include recapping the day's sports news and being the show's comic foil.

Off the Air Podcast / The Chick McGee ShowEdit

McGee started podcasting on July 24, 2012.[13] It is regularly hosted by Chick and his (former) girlfriend Jessica Hooker. The podcast is an insightful look into his off-air personality. Chick talks about Fat Kid Weekends, Anger Sweats, who he would never allow on his podcast, and great off air radio stories.

It was revealed in a very personal podcast with Dr. Will Miller that Chick and Jess were no longer romantically involved. While they are separated, the two both expressed hope to salvage the relationship in the future. In subsequent podcasts, both Chick and Jess expressed that they were more proud of the podcast with Dr. Will than any single piece of work in their careers.[14]

After 188 episodes as the Off the Air Podcast, McGee's podcast was renamed The Chick McGee Show on July 3, 2016.[15]

TruLuv SportsEdit

In 2014, Chick McGee was hired as a writer for the online sports website He has written about the Washington Redskins and Ray Rice. [16]


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