Chicago Record-Herald

The Chicago Record-Herald was a newspaper published in Chicago, Illinois from 1901 until 1914. It was the successor to the Chicago Morning Herald, the Chicago Times Herald and the Chicago Record.[1]

H. H. Kohlsaat, owner of the Times-Herald, bought the Chicago Record from Chicago Daily News publisher Victor F. Lawson in 1901 and merged it with the Times-Herald to form the Record-Herald. Frank B. Noyes became part-owner of the new newspaper at the time and served as publisher, with Kohlsaat as editor.[2] Kohlsaat retired from the paper in 1902, but re-purchased it from Noyes in 1910 to serve as editor and publisher.[3]

In May 1914, the circulation of the Chicago Record-Herald was reported to be 149,776 daily and 209,105 on Sunday.[4] It was then acquired by James Keeley, then general manager of the Chicago Tribune, who also bought the Chicago Inter Ocean out of receivership at the same time.[5] Readers decided that Keeley's new consolidated newspaper should be named The Chicago Herald, which name it held until it was bought by William Randolph Hearst's Chicago Examiner in 1918,[6][7] and named the Chicago Herald and Examiner.[8]

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