Chicón[2] or Chicon[3][4] (possibly from Quechua ch'iqu workable stone) is a mountain in the Urubamba mountain range in the Andes of Peru, about 5,530 m (18,140 ft) high.[3][4] It is located in the Cusco Region, Calca Province, Calca District and in the Urubamba Province, Urubamba District. It is situated northeast of the town of Yucay, southeast of Pumahuanca and southwest of the Sirihuani.[3] The southern part of Chicón is also known as Illahuamán.[5][6] It belongs to the Yucay District. It reaches 5,060 m (16,601 ft).[6]

Nevado Cusco.jpg
Mount Chicón as seen from the southwest
Highest point
Elevation5,530 m (18,140 ft)
Coordinates13°14′12″S 72°03′22″W / 13.23667°S 72.05611°W / -13.23667; -72.05611Coordinates: 13°14′12″S 72°03′22″W / 13.23667°S 72.05611°W / -13.23667; -72.05611
Chicón is located in Peru
Parent rangeAndes, Urubamba
First ascent1-1958: Via prominent snow gully on S.face & ridge[1]

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