Chiaia (Italian pronunciation: [ˈkjaːja], Neapolitan pronunciation: [ˈkjɑːjə]) is an affluent neighbourhood on the seafront in Naples, Italy, bounded by Piazza Vittoria on the east and Mergellina on the west. Chiaia is one of the wealthiest districts in Naples, on the main streets of Chiaia many luxury brands have their shops. In the central area there are also important schools and high schools.

Villa Pignatelli, one of the many villas located along the Riviera di Chiaia.

The most prominent landmark in the area is the large public park known as the Villa Comunale. Historically, it underwent initial development in the late 16th and early 17th centuries as the Spanish rulers of Naples opened the city to the west of its historic boundaries.

The Renaissance poet Laura Terracina was born in Chiaia and grew up there.[1]

Buildings and Structures in the zoneEdit

One of the many fountains in the Villa Comunale of Naples.


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Coordinates: 40°50′03″N 14°13′33″E / 40.83417°N 14.22583°E / 40.83417; 14.22583