Chevron Hall of Stars

Chevron Hall of Stars is an American television anthology series which aired in 1956 in first-run syndication. Information is somewhat scarce on the series. It was produced by Four Star Productions,[1] and was a half-hour series. Four Star's other mid-1950s anthology series ran about 25 minutes excluding commercials (as can be seen of episodes of Four Star Playhouse and The Star and the Story on the Internet Archive), which was likely also the case with Chevron Hall of Stars. Confusingly, in some areas the episodes aired under the title Stage 7, which had also been a series in 1955. Gene Roddenberry’s script The Secret Weapon of 117 aired as part of the series.[2]

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  • The Star and the Story – Another "Four Star Productions" anthology series which aired in first-runs syndication.


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