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Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is the statutory fire and rescue service for the English county of Cheshire, consisting of the unitary authorities of Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester, Halton and Warrington. It operates 29 fire stations. The service is led by the Chief Fire Officer, currently Mark Cashin,[1] and the Service Management Team. It is managed by the Cheshire Fire Authority, which is composed of councillors from the local communities of Cheshire, Halton and Warrington. They make decisions on issues such as policy, finance and resources.

Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service
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Operational area
Country United Kingdom
Country England
County Cheshire
Agency overview
Established1 April 1948 (1948-04-01)
Facilities and equipment
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The serviceEdit

The City of Chester Dennis F7 entered service in 1949.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service employs over 980 staff and looks after a population of 984,300 people spread across an area of 2,334 square kilometres. It has 28 fire stations and a headquarters in Winsford. The region features several large urban areas such as Warrington and Chester, an extensive transport infrastructure and one of the highest concentrations of petrochemical industries in the country. It is in close proximity to two major airports: Manchester and Liverpool.

The service responds to emergency incidents - known as Emergency Response (ER) across the four unitary council areas of:

  • Halton
  • Warrington
  • Cheshire East
  • Cheshire West and Chester

Fire stations/appliancesEdit

Cheshire Safety Day

A total of 28 fire stations are strategically sited throughout the county. These are broken down as:

  • 7 wholetime-only shift fire stations crewed 24/7
  • 2 wholetime shift fire stations crewed 24/7, with an additional on-call crew
  • 6 day-crewed stations (3 nucleus) crewed during the day and by on-call staff at night
  • 13 stations crewed by on-call personnel 24/7
Station callsign Station name Duty system Appliances
E01 Warrington Wholetime/Cross Crewed* 1x WrL, 1x WRU*
E02 Birchwood Nucleus 1x WrL
E03 Stockton Heath Retained 1x WrL
E04 Widnes Wholetime 1x WrL
E05 Runcorn Wholetime & Retained 2x WrL
E06 Frodsham Retained 1x WrL
E07 Powey Lane (Mollington) Wholetime/Cross Crewed* 1x WrL,1x FoT*,1x IRU*, 1x PM/HVP*, 1x PM/HLRU*,1x PM/EPU*, 1x MDD*
E08 Ellesmere Port Wholetime 2x WrL
E09 Chester Wholetime/Cross Crewed* 1x WrL, 1x ALP, 1x WRU*
E10 Tarporley Retained 1x WrL
E11 Malpas Retained 1x WrL
E12 Nantwich Retained 1x WrL, 1x LWrL, 1x EFR
E13 Audlem Retained 1x WrL, 1x L4P
E14 Alsager Retained 1x WrL
E15 Crewe Wholetime 2x WrL, 1x BACU*
E16 Sandbach Retained 1x WrL, 1x RRRU
E17 Holmes Chapel Retained 1x WrL, 1x RRRU
E18 Congleton Day Crewed/Retained 1x WrL, 1x LWrL
E19 Macclesfield Nucleus/Cross Crewed* & Retained 2x WrL, 1x HPV*
E20 Bollington Retained/Cross Crewed* 1x WrL, 1x ARU*
E22 Poynton Retained 1x WrL
E23 Wilmslow Nucleus 1x WrL
E24 Knutsford Retained 1x WrL
E25 Northwich Day Crewed/Cross Crewed* & Retained 2x WrL, 1x ICU*, 1x WFU*
E26 Middlewich Retained 1x WrL
E27 Winsford Day Crewed/Cross Crewed* & Retained 1x WrL, 1x LWrL, 1x MRU*
E28 Lymm Wholetime/Cross Crewed* 1x WrL, 1x ALP, 1x RRU*
E29 Penketh Wholetime & Retained 2x WrL

Fire appliance glossary/callsignsEdit

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service badged Gallet helmet
  • Water Ladder (WrL): E01P1, E02P1, E03P1, E04P1, E05P1, E05P2, E06P1, E07P1, E08P1, E08P2, E09P1, E10P1, E11P1, E12P1, E13P1, E14P1, E15P1, E15P2, E16P1, E17P1, E18P1, E19P1, E19P2, E20P1, E22P1, E23P1, E24P1, E25P1, E25P2, E26P1, E27P1, E28P1, E29P1, E29P2
  • Light Water Ladder (LWrL): E12P2, E18P2, E27P2
  • Aerial Ladder Platform (ALP): E09A1, E28A1
  • Hydraulic Platform (HPV): E19A1
  • Water Incident Unit (WIU): E01B2, E09B2, E28N201
  • Incident Command Unit (ICU): E25C1
  • Light 4x4 Pump (L4P): E13L1
  • Rapid Response Rescue Unit (RRRU): E16R1, E17R1
  • Animal Rescue Unit (ARU): E20R3
  • Rope Rescue Unit (RRU): E28R4
  • Major Rescue Unit (MRU): E27R7
  • Foam Tender (FoT): E07S2
  • Breathing Apparatus Command Unit (BACU): E15S5
  • Welfare Unit (WFU): E25S7
  • Emergency First Responder (EFR): E12V1
  • Incident Response Unit (IRU): E07N851, E09H9
  • Prime Mover / Environmental Protection Unit (PM/EPU): E07N852
  • Prime Mover / High Volume Pump (PM/HVP): E07N991
  • Prime Mover / Hose Layer Retrieval Unit (PM/HLRU): E07N981

Mass Decontamination Disrobe (MDD): E07591

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