Cheriya Kallanum Valiya Policum

Cheriya Kallanum Valiya Policum is a 2010 Malayalam-language film directed by Haridas Kesavan. Mukesh, Dhanya Mary Varghese, Jagadish and Suraj Venjaramood plays the lead roles in this film.

Cheriya Kallanum Valiya Policum
Cheriya Kallanum Valiya Policum.jpg
Directed byHaridas Kesavan
Produced byAnand Kumar
Dhanya Mary Varghese
Suraj Venjaramood
Music byThej
Release date
  • 27 February 2010 (2010-02-27)


Cheriya Kallanum Veliya Policeum tells the story of a mysterious man Sadasivan (Mukesh) who walks into a house at a village called Pancharakkara, knowing that the man of the house Kumaran (Jagadeesh) has committed suicide. Soon he becomes dear to everyone around, and is a big help to Kumaran's widow Soumini (Vidya) who has been left high and dry after her husband's demise.

The whole movie has been set around a house, where a death has taken place. Everyone who could probably add to the village scenario is around; starting from the Panchayat President who sneaks around with ulterior motives in mind at midnight, to the comrade, the local tea shop owner, the tailor and the drunkard to name a few.

Amidst these several caricatures, most of which serve no definite purpose, one surprisingly stands out. Kuttappan (Kochu Preman), the blind man who hops into a car to show the guests their way is an eye-opener. He is there on almost every scene and there are quite a few occasions when this diminutive man throws in some big surprises at us. The movie was a surprise hit at the box office due to its low cost and satellite revenues.



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