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Chennai 600028 II

Chennai 600028 II: Second Innings is a 2016 Indian Tamil-language sports comedy film co-produced, written and directed by Venkat Prabhu, who also produces the film along with S. P. B. Charan under Black Ticket Company and Capital Film Works. The film, which is a sequel to Chennai 600028 (2007), features several cast members from the earlier film including Jai, Shiva, Premji, Aravind Akash and Nithin Sathya. The film's score and soundtrack is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. The film was released on 9 December 2016 to positive reviews and performed well at the box office.

Chennai 600028 II:Second Innings
A Venkat Prabhu Reunion
Chennai 600028 II Second Innings.jpg
Promotional poster
Directed byVenkat Prabhu
Produced byS. P. B. Charan
V. Rajalakshmi
Venkat Prabhu
Written byVenkat Prabhu
K. Chandru
Ezhilarasu Gunasekaran
(Additional Dialogues)
Screenplay byVenkat Prabhu
Story byVenkat Prabhu
Based onCharacters
by Venkat Prabhu
Premji Amaren
Aravind Akash
Nithin Sathya
Vijay Vasanth
Ajay Raj
Mahat Raghavendra
Vaibhav Reddy
Narrated byVenkat Prabhu
Music byOriginal Songs:
Yuvan Shankar Raja
Background Score
Yuvan Shankar Raja
Premji Amaren
CinematographyRajesh Yadav
Edited byPraveen K. L.
Distributed byAbhishek Films
Release date
  • 9 December 2016 (2016-12-09)
Running time
154 minutes
Budget12 crore (US$1.7 million)[1]
Box office24 crore (US$3.5 million)[2]


The film starts with the narration of major events which get unfolded during the phase of eight years in Chennai and the ways of communication development like WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, etc. in a lighter vein. The narrator (Venkat Prabhu) talks about the current situation of their core members, their marriages, and their career growth.

The Sharks team is now coached and headed by Gopi (Vijay Vasanth), who trains the local guys to take forward the legacy of the team founded by his father in the late 80s. Now he owns a battery shop along with the mechanic shop as seen in the first film. He is married to Poonam (Anjena Kirti), a North Indian girl from Sowcarpet.

Karthik (Shiva) owns a finance company provided the support from his brother Guna (Sampath Raj) who now in part two is an actor and does villainous roles in South Indian cinema. Along with that Karthik also reviews films online. He is married to Selvi (Vijayalakshmi), who is Pazhani's (Nithin Sathya) sister.

Pazhani had failed in police selection due to lack of height and is now planning to move abroad for better fortune, but he keeps his ambitions so secret that even his close friends are unaware of it. He is married to Ezhumalai's (Ajay Raj) sister Uma (Krithika). She is more suspicious of her husband and ridicules him most of the time.

Ezhumalai now runs a travel service. He owns a couple of ambulances and his wife Stella (Maheswari Chanakyan) is very understanding. She is so innocent and believes the lies told to her by Ezhumalai.

Seenivasan aka Seenu (Premji Amaren) is still a bachelor who runs a supermarket and always want to enjoy the company of his friends, but they try to convince to get him married, so there wouldn’t be a need for them to accompany him. The wives of the above-said team members oppose their husband’s friendship with Seenu thinking he is one forcing their husbands to have drinking sessions and also wasting time. Imran (Ranjith) migrates to Mumbai, which is not heard of.

Shanmugham (Prasanna) is working in the U.S as a software engineer, and Udhay (Arun) has disappeared from the place. The young college student Karthik (Arivu), seen in part one is a VFX artist working for a Telugu movie. Though he is away from Chennai, he remains in touch with his friends by phone calls.

Aravind (Arvind Akash) had eloped with a rich girl not the one which we had seen in the first part. He had stolen one and half lakh rupees kept as prize money for the cricket tournament and ran away with the girl. Somehow they manage to conduct the tournament but at the cost of some humiliations. Manohar Anna (Ilavarasu), the saloon owner still remains the same and proudly boasts that he is the manager of the Sharks team. After the introduction of all the team members there is a shift to the storyline.

The major part of the story is Raghuvaran aka Raghu (Jai) and Anuradha's (Sana Althaf) marriage which is about to take place in Anu's native place in Theni district. Here they meet their old friend Aravind by chance whose local cricket team along with Oor Kaavalan (Mahat Raghavendra) and plays cricket against Maruthupandi aka Maruthu (Vaibhav)'s team. First they promise to play in an intoxicated stat and later refuse to play because of their wives. But, without any one's knowledge they play the semi-finals match and win the match.

After the winning party, they come to know that Raghu had tied knot with Soppanasundari (Manisha Yadav), the girl who danced with them in the party, but before everyone knows that Raghu removes the Thali from her even without her knowledge. On the day of engagement, Gopi, Karthik, Pazhani, Ezhumalai, and Seenu come to know Maruthu had clicked a picture of Raghu and Soppanasundari, and he was the one who sent her to the party. He blackmails them to lose the match against them. Except Aravind, everyone in the team comes to know about the picture in the middle of the match so everyone plays poorly and loses the match. Before the match gets over, the picture becomes viral. This is because Maruthu's friend Ganeshan (Abhinay Vaddi), who loves Anu from his childhood, wants to marry her, so he posts the picture in Facebook and WhatsApp.

The marriage gets stopped and the friends get separated. After a few days, Raghu was getting ready to move to Bangalore. The friends including the Rockers team members John (Inigo Prabakaran), Sundar (Jeeva), and Manohar Anna convince and promise Raghu that they will help him reunite with Anu. After lying to their wives, the friends team goes to Anu's village to convince her parents. There Raghu gets a shock about Anu's marriage engagement with Ganeshan. On the way, Raghu and his friends get into a fight with Maruthu and friends. The villagers gets angry on Raghu and his friends fearing they came to stop the marriage and they want them to go back to Chennai immediately. However, Aravind comes to their rescue and says everyone that they have come to play the tournament match, not to stop the marriage. At first, everyone including Raghu refuses to play the match. But, to convince Anu and family they accept to play the match in the name of Chennai Sharks. Raghu meets Anu in a temple and tells her that the photo is a fake one and she asks him to prove it. Raghu and his friends edit the photo of every men in the village with some women and release it go viral. Anu gets convinced and warns Raghu that everyone is coming to the place where they are staying. Raghu asks her to meet him immediately. With the help of Anu's grandmother (Sachu) they meet in the ambulance, but Maruthu chases them.

Raghu and his friends reach the police station, and Anu goes with her father. With the help of the sports minister (Shanmugasundaram), they reach safe to their shelter. The next day in the semi-finals, they play with Usilampatti Bad Boys with whom the Sharks have already played a bet match and lost Gopi's bat as bet but this time, the Sharks won the match and the bat returns to Gopi again.

The next day, Anu's family is moving to Tirupathi for her marriage. At night before Anu family's, Raghu comes with his friends to elope with Anu but Maruthu comes. Next day after the toss Seenu calls Aravind and tells him to stay safe as because Raghu and Anu had eloped and married and they were returning to Chennai. Then it is revealed that Maruthu had helped Raghu to elope with Anu.



Plans of making a sequel to Chennai 600028 have been reported several times in the media, first in 2007 shortly after the film's release.[3] In 2009, reported that Venkat Prabhu and producer S. P. B. Charan would join together in 2010 to start the second part with a "top slot mass hero",[4] while Charan reiterated the same in an interview later.[5] In 2011, sources said that a sequel to Chennai 28 had been planned earlier but was not "on cards as of now".[6] In 2012, Venkat Prabhu again expressed interest in making a sequel, stating "I personally love to do Chennai- 28 with the tagline Second Innings".[7] This was confirmed after production of the film was officially unveiled on 28 February 2016.

Abhinay Vaddi, who had previously appeared in Ramanujan (2014), revealed that he had signed on to portray a negative role in the film and would sport a thick beard and moustache for his character.[8] Subbu Panchu also announced that he had signed the film during March 2016, while actress Anjena Kirti was brought into portray Vijay Vasanth's love interest.[9][10] Actor Viraj who appeared in the first film as a small boy, reprised his role in this film.[11]


The satellite rights of the film were sold to STAR Vijay.[12]


Chennai 600028 II: Second Innings
Soundtrack album by
Released7 October 2016
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelDoo Paa
ProducerYuvan Shankar Raja
Yuvan Shankar Raja chronology
Dharma Durai
Chennai 600028 II: Second Innings
Track Song Singer(s) Duration (min:sec) Lyricist Notes
1 "The Boys are back" Yuvan Shankar Raja, Bhavatharini, Vasuki Bhaskar, Madurai Souljour 3:50 Karunakaran, Madurai Souljour
2 "Nee Kidaithai" Haricharan, Chinmayi 4:06 Niranjan Bharathi
3 "Soppanasundari" Karthik Raja, Venkat Prabhu, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Premgi Amaren 3:43 Venkat Prabhu
4 "Idhu Kadhaiya" Sean Roldan, Kharesma Ravichandran 4:16 Parthi Bhaskar
5 "House Party" Senthil Dass 4:21 Madhan Karky
6 "Soppanasundari Remix" Karthik Raja, Venkat Prabhu, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Premgi Amaren 4:34 Venkat Prabhu


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