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Chellamey (Tamil: செல்லமே) is a 2009 - 2013 Indian Tamil language Family revenge soap opera starring Raadhika, Radha Ravi, Saakshi Siva, Delhi Ganesh, Vijayalakshmi, Devipriya, Abhishek Shankar and Vijay Adhiraj. It replaced Arasi and aired Monday to Friday on Sun TV from 14 September 2009 to 18 January 2013 at 9:30PM (IST) for 845 episodes.[1][2]

Chellamay Sun TV Serial.jpg
GenreSoap opera
Written by
  • Radaan Media Works
Directed by
  • O. N. Rathnam
    (Episode 720-845)
  • Sulaiman K. Babu
    (Episode 551-719)
  • C. J. Baskar
    (Episode 318-550)
  • E. Vikramathithan
    (Episode 120-317)
  • A. Jawahar
    (Episode 1-119)
Creative director(s)Raadhika
Theme music composerKiran
Opening theme
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Tamil (Original Version) Telugu (Dubbed as Chittemma)
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes845
Production location(s)Tamil Nadu
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeapprox. 22–24 minutes
Production company(s)Radaan Mediaworks
Original networkSun TV
Picture format576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original release14 September 2009 (2009-09-14) –
18 January 2013 (2013-01-18)
Preceded byArasi
Followed byVani Rani
External links
[ Production website]

The series revolves around the title character Chellamma, played by Raadhika, who is also the creative head of the series which is produced by her own production company, Radaan Mediaworks. This serial was dubbed in Telugu and was broadcast in Gemini TV as "Chittemma".



Avudaiappan (Ravikumar) is a widower with three sons, Kadarkaraiyaandi (Radharavi), Solaimalai (Vishwanath) and Maniarasu (Ashwin) and& only one lovable daughter, "Chellamma" (Raadhika). His sister Thazhaiyamma (Subhashini) is a widow with three sons, Vadaimalai (Saakshi Siva), Sundaramoorthy (Sathya) and Rathnavelu (Sekar Muthu) & three daughters, Kalaivaani (Sonia), Azhagamma (Vandhana) and Amudha (Neelima Rani). She stays with Avudaiappan's family. Avudaiappan being a sole breadwinner of a joint family faces tough time to run his family with a meager salary. Yet, he is very affectionate with everyone. He never throws tantrum at anybody & has a positive approach towards life. One fine day, Avudaiappan's family migrates to Chennai for a better life.

Thavasi (Delhi Ganesh) is a taciturn man and a close buddy of Avudaiappan, accompanies him to Chennai. He stands beside Avudaiappan during the worst phase of Avudaiappan's life. Thavasi is a great cook who is especially well known for his delicious recipes. They decide to open a roadside motel named Chellamma Bhavan. Avudaiappan invests the money for their motel business. And Thavasi works as a chef in the motel. Due to Thavasi's culinary skills, Chellamma Bhavan motel becomes popular over the night. They do a decent profit in their business.

Avudaiappan wants to entrepreneur for a new hotel business. He asks Thavasi to invest some money for the new Hotel business. But Thavasi doesn't want to risk him and loss the money. Avudaiappan strives to find the money for his investment. At this situation, Thazhaiamma lends her jewels Avudaiappan and helps him financially. He invests the money and expands/develops his business. Over a short period he becomes wealthy. In today's world Chellamma Bhavan Hotels are one of the leading hotels with many branches around Tamil Nadu.

Thavasi feels that Avudaiappan's tremendous growth in Hotel Industry is all because of his hard work. He nurses grudges against Avudaiappan still continuous to work in Chellamma Bhavan as a supervising chef for a monthly salary.

Kadarkarai is married to Muthazhagi (Malavika Avinash) with whom he has a daughter Rathna (Saimantha), while Solaimalai is married to Valliyamai (Sneha Nambiar). Both Muthazhagi and Valliyamai share a mutual dislike for their sister in law Chellamma, and always try their best to separate her from the family. Avudaiappan turns to be old and now wants his sons to take over the business. But his sons refuse to take over this hug responsibility. Due to this, Avudaiappan decides to divide his properties within his family and offers a major share to his sister Thazhaiamma who helped him to start the business. Thavasi's last hope is to attain Avudai's property by getting his daughter Periyanayagi (Devipriya) married to Vadamalai. But Thazhaiamma requests Avudaiappan to get his daughter Chellamma married to her son Vadamalai in order to retain the property within their family. Thazhaiamma feels delighted to have Chellamma as her daughter-in-law. Moreover, Chellamma has the charisma to maintain the joint family. Chellamma marries Vadamalai. Sundarmoorthy is married to Palliyarai (Latha Rao) while Kalaivaani to Karuppu (Vasu Vikram) and Azhagamma to Vairavan (George Vishnu). Thavasi's only hope to retrieve Avudaiappan's money becomes a failure. Thavasi schemes a silent trap to make Avudaiappan's business fall and separate the family with the help of Gomathi (Kritheeka) whom he uses as a weapon to seduce Vadaimalai.

According to Thavasi's diabolical plan the rift starts between both families and Avudaiappan moves away from his sister's family. The rift is tried to be settled with Maniarasu's marriage to Amudha, but the marriage makes matters worse for the family, as Amudha is in love with Maniarasu, but he is in love with Kavitha (Mahalakshmi), a distant cousin of Muthazhagu, who was proposed to him earlier but the marriage was annulled due to Kavitha's brother Ramakrishnan (Kamalesh) blackmailing Sundharamoorthy threatening to reveal his past and demanding money from Chellamma, which results in Sundharamoorthy and Palliyarai going into hiding. Thavasi uses these problems to cause a severe misunderstanding between Aavudaiyappan and Thazhaiyamma, who exchange cross words. Thavasi murders Thazhaiamma and he very cleverly traps Avudaiappan into this murder. Avudaiappan is wrongly convicted and sent to Jail. Everyone blames Chellamma for the rift caused in the family and Vadamalai sends her away from the house. The meanwhile Muthazhagu poisons Kadarkarai's mind and separates the beautiful relationship between the brother and sister.Meanwhile, Muthazhagu's mother (Varalaxmi) makes Muthazhagi to undergo a ritual by which it is a sin to see or eat/drink from Chellamma's family. Also Valliyamai along with Muthazhagi drive out Amudha away from their house. This further angers Vadaimalai, who from further poisoning by his sisters Azhagamma and Kalaivaani drives Chellamma away. Only person who cares for Chellamma is Vadaimalai's Uncle Mahadevan (Vishwanathan) who takes her into his house.

Chellamma insists CBCID to investigate Thazhaiamma's murder case. With the help of CBCID, Chellamma proves that Thavasi as a convict. Now Avudaiappan is released from Prison with much difficulty of Chellamma. But Avudaiappan's son by forced takes him to their house. Chellama left alone starts a canteen with the help of her uncle and neighbour Vasu (Rajkanth) in AK College where she befriends the owner Anbu Kumar (AK) (Abhisekh). AK sacks the former canteen owner Sivasu (Kaalidas) and gives the management to Chellamma. Meanwhile, AK suffers daily tormetation from his alcoholic wife, Madhumitha (Kanya Bharathi) who gets drunk and blames him as the source for all her misfortunes. Also his son Suresh (Venkat) is a drunkard and his daughter Anjali (Kavyavarshini) is a stubborn girl who keeps going out with her boyfriend, Karthik (Balaji) despite her mother's warnings.All this turns out to be hell for AK who finds it soothing only at college in Chellama's company. Meanwhile, Sivasu along with AK's Manager Siva further poison Madhumitha's mind against Chellamma drawing a sworn hatred towards her. Madhumitha insults Chellamma and throws her out of college with the help of Sivasu and Shiva and a few college students, and takes over the management from AK, which again results in catastrophic results. Chellamma gets pregnant and Vadaimalai joins with her once again.

Meanwhile, Thavasi's daughter, Periyanayagi alias Sneha (Devipriya), arrives and promises her dad that she will break up Aavudaiyappan's family. Sneha goes on influencing Kadarkarai and manages to seduce him and lures him into her trap. Using him, she does all she can to break up the family. She also uses Kadarkarai to get her father released from jail and they plot together to separate the family. Meanwhile, Kavitha gets pregnant with Maniarasu's child and starts living with him. She also humiliates Amudha at certain instances with Vasu which results in her giving divorce. They almost immediately get married and Kavitha arrives in the house. She finds out about the affair between Kadarkarai and Sneha and uses this to blackmail him. Meanwhile, she also influences Valliyammai to turn against Muthazhagu. Also Chellama finds out about the affair between her brother and Sneha and relates it to her father, who tries his best to question Kadarkarai but suffers utter humiliation and decides to move away to an elders' home. Meanwhile, the whole family is separated due to small fights and properties are divided among them and all go away on their own.

Chellamma once again goes and tells Muthazhagu about the affair between Kadarkarai and Sneha, but she refuses to believe it. Later she questions Kadarkarai who says it is all lies. She asks him to confirm it by promising on their daughter Rathna, which he does having no other option, which he grieves a lot about.

Muthazhagi along with her mother are introduced to Madhumitha by Sivasu and Shiva, and all of them plot together to destroy Chellamma. Muthazhagi's mother gives Sivasu poison asking to mix it and give to Chellamma which will result in the death of her fetus. Siva videos this and madhumitha exchanges the bottle with a bottle of dangerous poison to kill Chellamma. However, in a turn of events, Chellamma eats the poisoned food, resulting in one of her fetus to become deformed. Vadaimalai knows this but hides it from Chellamma.

Meanwhile, Chellamma manages to bring Amudha from her hostel and makes her live with them. She slowly does her best to bring Amudha out of her state of sorrow and to turn over a new leaf. Vasu's mother, Vishakham (Srilekha Rajendran), arrives. She is impressed with Amudha and is determined to make Amudha, her daughter in law and ask Vasu to propose to her. He does so, but Amudha refuses the proposal stating she is an unlucky person and nobody should suffer due to her.

Another storyline follows Anjali who is gang raped by four guys, DC's brother Satish (Dev Anand), an MP's son Murali, a lawyer's brother Ashok and another of their friends Vinod, in the presence of Anjali's lover, Karthik, who runs away leaving her behind. This comes as a complete downfall on AK, especially when it is publicised in the media. Madhumitha continually torments her daughter, reminiscing about the incident, which results in AK taking his daughter to Chellamma, who takes care of her. ANjali, at first disheartened, starts to develop fits as a result of the rape, and suffers many forms of tormentation from Satish's brother DC Sethupathi (Bhanu Prakash), but all is settled by Chellamma. Meanwhile, one of the rapists, VInod is murdered and Sethupathi suspects it is the work of someone in AK's family and starts to interrogate AK, Suresh and Anjali. Meanwhile, Sivasu and Shiva use the murder as a golden opportunity to fetch money from Madhumitha, claiming to have committed the murder. they are abducted by the MP's henchman and threatened to give any leads on this case to them. Meanwhile, Amudha meets Vasu's mother on the road outside the temple, where Visakham tries to avoid her, and when Amudha asks as to why, she humiliates her. The Next day, Vasu comes to ask for forgiveness from Amudha but she doesn't cooperate and they have a tiff. All this is noted by Chellamma's Assistant Sumathi (Jayanthi) who spills the beans to Chellamma, who inquires the situation from Vasu, who reveals all information about the proposal. Chellamma is shocked and somehow happy about Vasu's proposal and tells to put it aside for a while until Amudha comes out of her nutshell.

Meanwhile, Kadarkarai's construction workers go on strike as they cannot work without any wages. Kadarkarai arrives and decides to pawn Sneha's jewellery and give the money, but she refuses to give it out and creates a scene. So Kadarkarai goes home and asks Muthazhagu for her jewels, but she again refuses, which results in Kadarkarai stealing them.

Meanwhile, Kavitha's mother (Nithya) prepares the family for Kavutha's baby shower ceremony. Maniarasu decides to call only a few guests but Kavitha wants to call everyone. But Maniarasu feels ashamed as everyone will inquire about their father, so they invite only close relations. So Kavitha goes to Mutazhagu's house wearing a lot of jewels, and invites her. Muthazhagu who is jealous to see Kavitha's jewels and she tries to show off her jewels to Kavitha only to find out they have been burgled. She is very sad. Meanwhile, Kavitha leaves with Maniarasu to Solaimalai's house where she invites them both to the function and also relates all about Kadarkarai's affair with Sneha to Valliyamai.Muthazhagu and her mother visit a saint who reveals the location of the jewels in Sneha's house. they immediately go there and They search all over for the jewels but to no avail, they threaten Sneha to return the jewels or the worst would happen. meanwhile Snhea poisons kadarkai when he arrives, and he goes home and starts to beat Muthazhagu, whereas her father unable to watch this, humilliates him resulting in him leaving the house for good.

Meanwhile, at Kavitha's betrothal function, Muthazhagu shows up wearing fake jewellery, for which she is humiliated by Kavitha and Valliyamai. Meanwhile, Chellamma arranges an alliance for Amudha, which she disrupts giving the same reasons she gave to Vasu. As this goes on, Chellamma does all she can to get justice for Anjali, and traces out the other three rapists. Meanwhile, Anjali gets pregnant and is disheartened. Chellamma, along with some nurses conducts a DNA test on the Rapists and it is revealed that Satish is the biological father of Anjali's fetus.

Meanwhile, Muthaazhagi befalls with a serious illness in her womb due to which her mother begs Chellamma having no other option to save her daughter. Chellamma pays for the operation and saves Muthazhagu, where she asks for forgiveness from Chellamma and they join each other.

Using this reason, Chellamma makes wedding plans for Anjali and Sathish secretly. Meanwhile, Kattathurai alias Karuppu has joined a child abducting gang leaving aside his wife, Kalaivani and works for a female gangster, Kamini (Sangeetha Balan) where they abduct children. Meanwhile, Anjali and Vasu's wedding preparations are made against Vasu's Mother and Madhumitha, however in a turn of events, Anjali marries Satish and Vasu marries Amudha. Anjali is harassed by Sethupathy, while Amudha suffers torture from Visalam and Kavitha who moves in next door. Also, Thavasi goes to Kaasi and send Gomathi who awaits her revenge to assist Sneha. They get together and do several deeds like killing DC Sethupathi and Rekha, stealing Chellama's baby using Kamini and blackmailing her about the child. Vadamalai hides the fact about the baby from Chellamma, however she comes to know later on. Also, Sneha beats Vadamalai and he goes missing and Kadarkarai gets arrested for this. Sneha and Gomathi send this to Rathna's phone as a MMS and she commits suicide seeing the video. Also, several problems arise when Vadamalai's Uncle turns against Chellamma and separates Vadamalai and Chellamma, and also kidnaps Chellama's Baby from Gomathi. He along with Maya, his friend rob Vadamalai of his wealth but however he gets cheated by Dhanam. Meanwhile, AK kills the other two rapists using Sanjeevi and goes to Jail and writes his will in favour of Chellamma, which angers Madhumitha who insults Chellamma and plots along with Satish to destroy Chellamma. Also, Amudha works for a company owned by Moorthy who lusts for her and tries to rape her. however she kills him and she and Maniarasu dispose the body, however a cop, Raghunath videos it and in return asks for money and also tries to have sex with Amudha. However, Chellamma saves her and hands over the evidence to AC SIvaranjini, who however changes th case in favour of Moorthy, as he is her brother and arrests AMudha and Mani.

Meanwhile, Sneha shoots Kadarkarai and is sent to Jail and Thavasi goes Mad. Later, however, she comes out and acts in favour of everyone and gets married to Kadarkarai. However she kills him and blames Chellamma for it. Also, Chellamma finds Shanthi, Moorthy's wife who testifies against him and saves Amudha and Mani and gets Sivaranjini stripped of her police position. Sivaranjini joins with Sneha and starts annoying Chellamma. Meanwhile, Vadamalai gets married to Gayathri (VIjayalkshmi) and starts living with her. However problems continuously arise between them and Chellamma.

The serial was last directed by O.N. Rathnam and music was played by G.V. Prakash Kumar. The series finale (episode 845) was released on Friday 18 January. The serial concluded with Gayathri having a baby and Vadamalai and Gayathri naming the child after Chellama.


Main castEdit

Avudaiappan FamilyEdit

  • Ravikumar as Avudaiappan
    • brother of Thaalaiyamma, father of Kadarkaraiyaan, Chellama, Solaimalai, Valliammai and Kavitha, grandfather of Harsha and Valliyammai's children
  • Radha Ravi as Kadarkaraiyaan
  • Raadhika as Chellamma
  • Malavika Avinash as Muthazhaguarasi aka Muthuazhagi
  • Vichu Vishwanath as Solaimalai
  • Sneha Nambiyar as Valliyammai
  • Mahalakshmi as Kavitha
  • Varshini as Harsha

Thazhaiyamma FamilyEdit

Anbukumar (AK) FamilyEdit

Additional castEdit

  • Vijay Adhiraj as Lawyer Avinas
  • Ashwin as Maniarasu
  • Rajkanth as Vasu
  • Shilpa as AC Sivaranjini
  • Sangeetha Balan as Kamini
  • Rajalakshmi as Gayathri's mother
  • Kritheeka as Gomathi
  • Srilekha Rajendran as Visakham
  • Dev Anand as Satish
  • Jayadevan as Muththazhagi's father
  • Varalaxmi as Muththazhagi's mother
  • Kaalidas as Sivasu
  • Saimantha as Rathna
  • Bhanuprakash as DC Sethupati
  • Sathya as Sundharamoorthy
  • Pasi Sathya as Maya
  • Kamalesh as Ramakrishnan
  • George Vishnu as Vairava
  • Vandhana as Alagamma
  • Sekar Muthu as Rathnavelu
  • "Minnal" Deepa as Shanthi Moorthy
  • Siva Kavitha as Santhi
  • Vinayak as Venkateshwara Rao
  • Yuvashree as Bala
  • Sairam as Bala's husband
  • Vishvan as Raghuvaran
  • Kumaresan as Achudhan


This title was taken from a 2004 Chellamae movie starring Vishal, Reema Sen and Bharath. The English meaning of this title Darling.

Title songEdit

It was written by lyricist Pa. Vijay, composed Kiran sung by Sadhana Sargam with the right feel which touched people. The Title song remade 3 different language.


Track list
1."Kannukkulay Kavithaigal Undu
(கண்ணுக்குலே கவிதைகள் உண்டு) Title Song"
Pa. VijayKiranSadhana Sargam3:30

International broadcastEdit

The Series was released on 14 September 2009 on Sun TV. The Show was also broadcast internationally on Channel's international distribution. It airs in Sri Lanka, South East Asia, Middle East, United States, Canada, Europe, Oceania, South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa on Sun TV. The show's episodes were released on YouTube channel RaadenMedia.

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