Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell

Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell aired on Food Network Thursday nights at 10pm. In the show, chef Anne Burrell traveled to different parts of the country, visiting owners of restaurants in need of a new executive chef.

Burrell would bring in four chefs to compete for a given job. The chefs were tested on their culinary skills. Whichever chef performed poorest in either of the first two tests was told by the owner "your interview is over". The last two chefs took part in the final and most important test: operating the kitchen during a dinner service, with one chef running the kitchen one night, the other the next night.

Both chefs were allowed to create their own menus, and presented their choices to Chef Burrell, the owners, and the staff, who commented and if necessary, requested adjustments. Once both services were completed, the owners decided which chef they wanted to be their new executive chef. Season two ended on April 25, 2013; season three premiered on Thursday, August 1, 2013.