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Cheah Soon Kit (born 9 January 1968 in Ipoh, Perak) is a former Malaysian badminton player, specialised in men's doubles. He currently serves as the national men's doubles coach for Malaysia.

Cheah Soon Kit
Personal information
Country  Malaysia
Born (1968-01-09) 9 January 1968 (age 50)
Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Height 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Weight 73 kg (161 lb)
Handedness Right
Men's doubles
Career title(s) 14
Highest ranking 1
BWF profile
Updated on 09:43, 21 September 2013 (UTC).
Cheah Soon Kit
Traditional Chinese 謝順吉
Simplified Chinese 谢顺吉



He has played for Malaysia national badminton team since 1986. He had played with different pairs such as Ong Beng Teong (1986–1989), Soo Beng Kiang (1990–1994), Yap Kim Hock (1995-1998) and Choong Tan Fook (1998).

Cheah competed in badminton at the 1996 Summer Olympics in men's doubles with Yap Kim Hock. They had a bye in the first round and defeated Ha Tae-kwon and Kang Kyung-jin of Korea in quarterfinals. In the final, Cheah and Yap lost to Rexy Mainaky and Ricky Subagja of Indonesia 15-5, 13-15, 12-15, the former eventually became the national coach for Malaysia's men's doubles. As of 2018, Cheah is the national men's doubles coach.


Finals: 22 (14 titles, 8 runners-up)Edit

Outcome Year Tournament Partner Opponent Score
Winner 1988 Swiss Open Ong Beng Teong   Rahman Sidek
  Ong Ewe Chye
15-9, 15–6
Winner 1989 Swiss Open Ong Beng Teong   Zhang Qiang
  Zhou Jincan
15-9, 5-15, 15-7
Runner-up 1989 Thailand Open Razif Sidek   Park Joo-bong
  Kim Moon-soo
11–15, 3–15
Winner 1991 Swedish Open Soo Beng Kiang   Jon Holst-Christensen
  Thomas Lund
18–14, 15–7
Runner-up 1991 Thailand Open Soo Beng Kiang   Eddy Hartono
  Rudy Gunawan
3–15, 11–15
Winner 1992 World Cup Soo Beng Kiang   Ricky Subagja
  Rexy Mainaky
15–10, 15–11
Winner 1992 US Open Soo Beng Kiang   Thomas Lund
  Jens Olsson
15–9, 15–11
Winner 1992 Malaysia Open Soo Beng Kiang   Chen Kang
  Chen Hongyong
15–12, 15–7
Winner 1993 Dutch Open Soo Beng Kiang   Jiang Xin
  Yu Qi
15–4, 17–14
Runner-up 1993 World Championships Soo Beng Kiang   Ricky Subagja
  Rudy Gunawan
11–15, 3–15
Winner 1994 World Cup Soo Beng Kiang   Rudy Gunawan
  Bambang Suprianto
18–13, 2–15, 17–16
Winner 1995 Asian Championships Yap Kim Hock   Huang Zhanzhong
  Jiang Xin
Runner-up 1995 Thailand Open Yap Kim Hock   Jiang Xin
  Huang Zhanzhong
Winner 1995 World Grand Prix Yap Kim Hock   Rudy Gunawan
  Bambang Suprianto
13–18, 15–2, 15–12
Winner 1996 Malaysia Open Yap Kim Hock   Choong Tan Fook
  Lee Wan Wah
15–5, 15–3
Runner-up 1996 All England Open Yap Kim Hock   Ricky Subagja
  Rexy Mainaky
6–15, 5–15
Runner-up 1997 World Championships Yap Kim Hock   Candra Wijaya
  Sigit Budiarto
15–8, 17–18, 7–15
Winner 1998 Dutch Open Choong Tan Fook   Peter Axelsson
  Pär-Gunnar Jönsson
15–11, 15–9
Winner 1998 Japan Open Yap Kim Hock   Denny Kantono
  Antonius Ariantho
15–9, 15–7
Winner 1999 Hong Kong Open Yap Kim Hock   Sigit Budiarto
  Halim Haryanto
15–12, 15–12
Runner-up 1999 Chinese Taipei Open Choong Tan Fook   Denny Kantono
  Antonius Ariantho
4–15, 17–14, 8–15
Runner-up 2000 Chinese Taipei Open Yap Kim Hock   Candra Wijaya
  Tony Gunawan
7–15, 7–15

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