Charly Alberti

Carlos Alberto Ficicchia (born March 27, 1963), known by his stage name Charly Alberti, is an Argentine rock musician, best known as the drummer of the influential Argentine rock band Soda Stereo. Because of this, he is considered one of the most important musicians of latin and Spanish rock.[citation needed] He is the oldest son of Dolly Gigliotti and Argentine jazz drummer Tito Alberti.

Charly Alberti
Birth nameCarlos Alberto Ficicchia
Also known asCharly Alberti
Born (1963-03-27) March 27, 1963 (age 57)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
GenresRock, alternative rock, new wave, post-punk, pop rock, neo-psychedelia, experimental rock
InstrumentsDrums, percussion
Years active1982–1997 Soda Stereo, 2005–2009 MOLE
LabelsSony Music
Associated actsSoda Stereo, Gustavo Cerati, Zeta Bosio, MOLE

Biography Charly Alberti / (Resume)

He was born on March 27th, 1963, in Buenos Aires. Son of recognized jazz musician and outstanding drummer, Tito Alberti.

At the age of 6, he begins his musical studies, and by the age of 14, he forms his first band of covers called “Gens”. In 1979 he founds Soda Stereo.

Soda register a vertiginous growth in Argentina and abroad, turning the band into the cornerstone of the Spanish rock movement in Latin America and USA.

Been a passionate lover of technology since the very beginning, Charly becomes a fundamental piece of Soda Stereo by introducing the ultimate technology to the band, and a pioneer in the implementation of technology in the music in Latin America.

In 1986 he knows Remo Belli, (inventor of the plastic drumhead). They start an important business and personal relationship that would mark Charly in many great ways.

By 1987, Charly was the first and only Latin American musician endorsed by international instruments companies.

In 1989, prestigious American magazine, Modern Drummer, recognize Charly as one of the most outstanding drummers of the moment.

In 1995, he develops the first enhanced CD of Latin America, the MTV Unplugged of Soda Stereo, called “Comfort and Music to fly”.

After 20 years of uninterrupted success, Soda Stereo says good bye with a short tour around Latin America, and the historical last concert in River Plate, Buenos Aires. Charly has the avant-garde idea of broadcasting the concert via Internet. The transmission becomes the one with the biggest connectivity in its gender worldwide. Soda Stereo enters history as the best known Spanish-speaking rock band.

Just a few days after the concert, Charly lunches Cybrel Digital Entertainment, a company dedicated to implement and generate contents and applications based on avant-garde technology.

In 1997 he is named Apple Master by Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Computer, along with outstanding people such as Harrison Ford, Peter Gabriel, Muhammad Ali and Tom Clancy. Charly becomes the only Spanish-speaking Apple Master of the history, and he stars in the one and only commercial in Spanish in the history of Apple.

In August 1998, Charly surprises the world by inventing an original concept: the Internet Time, the official time of Internet, which is adopted as a new world standard.

At the end of the same year, he lunches URL Magazine, URL Records, and, a site that quickly becomes the most prestigious of Latin America.

In 1999, The President of Argentina, Fernando de la Rúa, chooses Charly as one of the most successful businessman of the country, and invites him to integrate the select Presidential Delegation that would accompany the President to his first official visit to the Unites States, under the presidency of Bill Clinton.

A few months later, CNN USA invites Charly to Atlanta so as to interview him and award him with the Prize to The Most 10 Important Figures of Internet of Latin America.

In 2002, MTV get Soda Stereo together so as to award them with the Prize to the Most Important Latin America Band of All Times. This Award is created specifically to Soda Stereo and has never been given to anyone else.

In 2003, MTV Latin America summon Charly Alberti, Ricky Martín, and Juanes to play together in the MTV’s 10th Anniversary, as the biggest surprise of the night.

After living in the United States for a few years, in 2005 he returns to Buenos Aires with the purpose of creating a new rock band, MOLE, with his brother, Andres Alberti, Sergio Buffi, and Ezequiel Dasso.

In 2006, Yamaha, the biggest instruments company of the world, gives Charly one of the greatest endorsements of its history.

In May of the same year, the Administration of National Parks appoints Charly as Honorary Forest Ranger, because of his constant work and support to the institution and the protection of the environment.

In 2007, a new chapter in the history of rock is written: Soda Stereo returns. The band break all records of attendance in all Latin America, confirming the greatness of the band.

In 2008, MOLE is awarded with the Gardel Prize to the Best New Album of Rock, and their first national tour find them sharing the stage with The Hives, The Mars Volta, and REM, among others.

In August of the same year, at the request of the Secretary of Tourism of the Nation, Charly designs and directs the project “National Secretariat of Tourism of Argentina”, with the objective of positioning his country as one of the most important tourist destinations of the world. The project wins a Prize at the Webby Awards, the Oscar of the Internet. This is the very first time that an Argentinean project wins a Webby Award.

In 2009, Charly plays in River Plate, the most important stadium of the Argentina, for the eighth time. In this opportunity, with MOLE. They share the stage with Oasis.

At the same time, he decides to work more actively in the protection of the environment and against climate change. So, he makes a TV Spot for the Administration of National Parks of Argentina, spreading the message of the importance of protecting the natural resources.

In May of the same year, he travels to Nashville, Tennessee, to the Annual Meeting of Directors of “The Climate Project” foundation (TCP), where he meets with former vice president of the United States and Nobel Prize, Al Gore, who invites him to be a part of his project.

Since then, Charly is working with TCP, helping to spread the message of the threat of climate change around the world.

After understanding the depth of the climate crisis and seeing the challenges and opportunities of Latin America, Charly understood that the region needed solutions tailored to its problems. That's why he decided to launch his own foundation, R21 - Latinoamerica Sustentable ( R21 expands and grows rapidly and consolidates, achieving a great response from the public and generating conferences of unique calls worldwide.

Charly is positioned as the reference of Latin America in environmental issues which leads him to receive different international awards, such as the one given him in March 2015 by the Senate of the State of California / USA for his work and struggle in post of a sustainable world . In March of 2017 and after almost two years of work in the preparation of music and the show, he premiered next to the Cirque du Soleil Sep7th Day, the work / tribute that the famous and prestigious Canadian Circus gives to Soda Stereo. At the end of that year, the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires recognized him as an outstanding Personality of Culture and for his work with R21. Days later United Nations appointed him Goodwill Ambassador for his UNDP program in Argentina.


Since the beginning of his career, Charly used Remo drums and Zildjian cymbals.

Since mid-2007, Charly Alberti has been using a Yamaha drum, breaking with its tradition of using brand Remo drums. However, Charly explained this by saying that Yamaha now provides a more rock sound and Remo are now spending more on drums for Jazz, this decision was made in conjunction Charly and Remo Belli, founder of Remo.


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