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Charlotte Robespierre

Marie Marguerite Charlotte de Robespierre (5 February 1760, Arras - 1 August 1834, Paris) was the daughter of François de Robespierre and Jacqueline Marguerite Carrault and the sister of Maximilien de Robespierre and Augustin Robespierre, known for the memoirs she dictated about the life of her brothers during the French Revolution.


  • Gabriel Pioro et Pierre Labracherie, « Charlotte Robespierre, ihren Memoiren und ihre Freunde », dans Maximilien Robespierre, Berlin, éditions Markov, 1958.

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  • Marie Marguerite Charlotte de Robespierre (1835). Mémoires de Charlotte Robespierre sur ses deux frères [Memoirs of Charlotte Robespierre on her two brothers] (in French). Free ebook at Google Books.