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Charlotte Buff-Kestner by Johann Heinrich Schröder

Charlotte Buff (11 January 1753, Wetzlar – 16 January 1828, Hanover) was a youthful acquaintance of the poet Goethe, who fell in love with her. She rejected him and instead married Johann Christian Kestner, vice-archivist and privy councillor to the Hanoverian court. The character of Lotte, in Goethe's novel The Sorrows of Young Werther, is partly based on her.[1][2] Their relationship was characterized by heartiness and lack of constraint.[clarification needed] Goethe bought the wedding rings for her and Kestner, in Frankfurt am Main.[2] Charlotte and Kestner had four daughters and eight sons, among them August Kestner.

Appearances in modern cultureEdit


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