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The Charles V European Award[1] is awarded by the European Academy of Yuste Foundation.[2] The award is delivered to those individuals, organisations, projects or initiatives[3] who "with their effort and dedication, have contributed to the general understanding and appreciation of the cultural, scientific values, historians of Europe, as well as the process of unification of the European Community".[4]

Charles V European Prize
Awarded forcommitment to the process of the European union or contribution to the exaltation of the cultural, scientific and historical values of Europe.
LocationYuste, Spain
Presented bya jury appointed by the European Academy of Yuste Foundation
First awardedJune 6, 1995; 24 years ago (1995-06-06)



The Award bears the name of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor. Charles was crowned emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, in the Aachen palatine chapel,[5] the same place where previously Charlemagne had been crowned. Charles, of Spanish and German ancestors, in the sixteenth century ruled Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and other nations of Central Europe. This emperor, although born in Ghent, he developed a deep appreciation for Spain and its habits, as well as for the Spanish language. He spent his last days suffering gout in the Monastery of Yuste, in Estremadura,[6] where he had meetings with his son John of Austria.

This award was established in 1995,[7] to highlight the European spirit of Spain, similarly to other European prizes such ad the Charlemagne Prize, awarded by the city of Aachen since 1950, and was presented to King Juan Carlos I in 1982.


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