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Charles E. Porlier (born 1961) Emmy Award-winning makeup artist and makeup effects teacher-lecturer.[1] Charles Porlier was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and started his career as a child-puppeteer, inspired by, then meeting and learning from Jim Henson of the Muppets. After a brief period spent practicing stage magic, Charles turned to makeup artistry for films and television.[citation needed]

In 1995, Charles Porlier, Kevin Haney,[2] and Patricia Green[3] won an Emmy Award for 'Outstanding Makeup for a Miniseries or Special' for Kissinger and Nixon [4] starring Beau Bridges and Ron Silver, but no statue was awarded due to an incorrect screen credit. In 2000, Porlier, alongside Tom Woodruff, Alec Gillis, and Jeff Dawn [5] were nominated for a Saturn Award (Science Fiction Academy) for best makeup for the Arnold Schwarzenegger film The 6th Day.[6]

In 2003, Porlier was nominated twice for an Emmy Award in the same category, 'Outstanding makeup for a Miniseries or Special' for the television film Door to Door,[7] starring William H. Macy, and the television miniseries Taken[8]. Porlier, along with Matthew W. Mungle[9] and Jayne Dancose [10] won the award for 'Door to Door. In 2003, Porlier was nominated for a CNoMA Award[11] for The Santa Clause 2,[12] but won the CNoMA for Door to Door.


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