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Charles Larmore (born 23 March 1950 in Baltimore, MD) is the W. Duncan MacMillan Family Professor of the Humanities and Professor of Philosophy at Brown University, noted for his writings on political liberalism as well as on various topics in moral philosophy and the history of philosophy.

Charles Larmore
BornMarch 23, 1950
Era20th-century philosophy, 21st-century philosophy
RegionWestern Philosophy
Main interests
Political philosophy, Moral philosophy

Education and careerEdit

Larmore received his A.B. at Harvard (1972) and his Ph.D. at Yale (1978). He taught for many years in the philosophy department at Columbia University, and then as the Chester D. Tripp Professor and the Raymond W. & Martha Hilpert Gruner Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago in political science.[1]

Philosophical workEdit

He has been a defender of political liberalism along with John Rawls, as well as a contributor to moral philosophy (moral realism, the nature of the self) and to the history of philosophy from the 16th to the 20th centuries (including such figures as Montaigne, Descartes, Bayle, Kant, Hölderlin, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Sartre). His most recent work focuses on the nature of reason and reasons.

Prizes, awards and membership in societiesEdit

Selected publicationsEdit

  • Larmore, C. (1987) Patterns of Moral Complexity, Cambridge University Press
  • Larmore, C. (1993) Modernité et morale, Presses Universitaires de France
  • Larmore, C. (1996) The Morals of Modernity, Cambridge University Press.[4]
  • Larmore, C. (1996) The Romantic Legacy, Columbia University Press
  • Larmore, C. (2004) Les pratiques du moi, Presses Universitaires de France (English translation: Practices of the Self, 2010, University of Chicago Press ISBN 9780226468877)
  • Larmore, C. (2004) Débat sur l'éthique. Idéalisme ou réalisme (with Alain Renaut), Grasset
  • Larmore, C. (2008) The Autonomy of Morality, Cambridge University Press[5]
  • Larmore, C. (2008) Dare ragioni. Il soggetto, l'etica, la politica, Rosenberg & Sellier, Torino
  • Larmore, C. (2009) Dernières nouvelles du moi (with Vincent Descombes), Presses Universitaires de France
  • Larmore, C. (2012) Vernunft und Subjektivität, Suhrkamp Verlag
  • Larmore, C. (2017) Das Selbst in seinem Verhältnis zu sich und zu anderen, Klostermann Verlag (Rote Reihe)


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