Charles III, Count of Alençon

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Charles III of Alençon (1337 – 5 July 1375, Lyon) was the eldest son of Charles II of Alençon and Maria de la Cerda.[1]

Coat of arms of the counts and dukes of Alençon of the House of Valois.

He succeeded his father as Count of Alençon in 1346, but resigned the county to his brother Peter II of Alençon in 1361 to take up an ecclesiastical career.

On 13 July 1365, Charles was made Archbishop of Lyon. As archbishop, he firmly resisted royal encroachment on his rights as Primate of France. By 1366, he was patronizing a circle of scholars including, Nicholas de Mesereyo.[2]


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Preceded by
Charles II
Count of Alençon
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Peter II