Charles II, Count of Nevers

Charles II (died in Louvre in 1521) was Count of Nevers (1506–1521). He was son of Engelbert de La Mark and Charlotte de Bourbon-Vendome.[1]

Charles II, Duke of Nevers
Blason ville fr Nevers.png
Coat-of-arms of Nevers
Noble familyLa Marck
Spouse(s)Marie d'Albret, Countess of Rethel
FatherEngelbert, Count of Nevers
MotherCharlotte de Bourbone-Vendome

He belongs to the House de La Mark. His father Engelbert, Count of Nevers (1491–1506) was son of John I, Duke of Cleves (1384–1404) and Elisabeth Countess of Nevers.[1] Elisabeth was great-granddaughter of Philip II duke of Burgundy.

Charles II succeeded his father in 1506. He married in 1504 to Marie d'Albret, Countess of Rethel,[1] daughter of Jean d'Albret and Charlotte Countess of Rethel. Thus he became Count of Rethel jure uxoris. They had:


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Charles II, Count of Nevers
 Died: 1521
Preceded by
Count of Nevers
Succeeded by
Francis I