Charles I, Count of Ligny

Charles I, Count of Ligny, (1488–1530) was a son of Anthony I, Count of Ligny, and his second wife, Françoise van Croÿe-Chimay. In 1519, he succeeded his father as Count of Brienne and Count of Ligny. Charles II, his great-grandson, was imprisoned after buying a copy of William Byrd's Gradualia on the basis of Catholic tensions [needs editing: William Byrd was born in 1539 or 1540].

Charles I, Count of Ligny
Noble familyHouse of Luxembourg
Spouse(s)Charlotte of Estouteville
FatherAnthony I, Count of Ligny
MotherFrançoise of Croÿ-Chimay

In 1510, he married Charlotte of Estouteville; they had the following children:

  • Anthony II (d. 8 February 1557)
  • Louis III (d. 11 May 1571)
  • Jean (d. 1548)
  • George (d. after 30 September 1537)
  • Guillemette
  • Françoise (d. 17 June 1566), married to Bernhard III, Margrave of Baden-Baden.
  • Antoinette (1525 – 30 September 1603)
  • Marie (d. 15 March 1597)
Charles I, Count of Ligny
Born: 1448 Died: 1530
Preceded by Count of Ligny
Count of Brienne

Succeeded by